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​​​​​Alpharetta Elementary School follows the Georgia Performance Standards and offers a technology rich environment where all classrooms have Bright Link Interactive projectors, document cameras and classroom response systems.  We have two computer labs that are available school-wide, plus 5 laptop carts and 3 iPad carts.  Alpharetta Elementary School focuses on meeting students where they are and taking them an additional full year of academic growth.

Instructional Models

With instruction always grounded in best practices, Alpharetta Elementary employs a variety of instructional models in which selected teaching strategies, approaches, and student activities achieve the greatest student understanding, engagement, and outcomes.


Personalized Learning

​​Personalized Learning in an approach that customizes learning for each student's strengths, needs, skills, and interests.  Alpharetta Elementary emphasizes three tenets of personalized learning: Just-In-Time Instruction where instruction is available when it is needed, Varied Learning Strategies where students are given more than one way to learn the material or access content, and Co-Planning Learning where students work with their teacher to understand what they know, what they need to know, and how to get there through reflection and review of their own data.


For further understanding, watch a short video explaining Personalized Learning.


Personalized Learning practices are further supported by a wide-range of adaptive software which responds and changes to the needs of the student.  Adaptive software supporting this model and available at Alpharetta Elementary is iRead, iReady Reading, iReady Math, TeachTown, Redbird, Study Island, and Imagine Learning.


Workshop Model

Alpharetta Elementary utilizes the Workshop Model for Reading and Math in all grade levels.  The Workshop Model encompasses a range of learning strategies that support the way children learn best as well as leading children to take charge of their own learning through engaging activities.  The Workshop Model teaches explicit strategies with a balance of instructional approaches utilizing whole group instruction, small group instruction, and individual conferences to produce high literacy involvement and interactive real-world math engagement. 

Phonics Instruction

Alpharetta Elementary uses phonics instruction in Kindergarten and First grades to enhance reading and spelling instruction.  Phonics instruction stresses letter/sound recognition and teaches sound relationships to the printed word in a methodical manner, as well as, teaching tools needed to analyze unknown text.​​


Reading and Writing Units of Study

Fourth and Fifth grade Reading and Language Arts instruction is based on the Reading and Writing Units of Study.  This instruction employs the Workshop Model to build reading stamina and depth of understanding using increasingly complex texts. The writing instruction also uses the Workshop Model to incorporate understanding of the writing process and by practicing various types of writing structures culminating in publishing final writing.


Document Based Questioning (DBQ)

Fourth and Fifth grade Social Studies curriculum utilizes DBQs or Document Based Questions to explore and immerse their learning of content.  DBQs require short, essay type answers to content questions based on the student's understanding and supported by references from the learning source material.  This in-depth look and comprehensive summation requirement produces a solid, in-depth understanding.

Project-based Learning (PBL)

All of our students successfully participate in Project Based Learning (PBL) at AES.   Students investigate and respond to a real life problem or challenge.  Each grade level creates a different unit based on content standards with a focus, for example, on math.  Students share their knowledge in multiple ways, ranging from designing a blueprint for the perfect outdoor classroom space to gathering evidence for a debate, such as, nature vs. nurture.  Click on the link below to watch an overview of PBL.


Visit the AES Project Based Learning website to learn more about what AES students are learning!

AES Project Based Learning


Supportive Academic Software Programs​


I Read - Provides students individualized instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics and fluency while also building vocabulary and comprehension. This program is used in grades K-2.

I Ready - Provides students individualized instruction in math and reading. Math is used in grades K-5. Reading is used in grades 3-5.

Studies Weekly for Social Studies, Science and Health - Studies Weekly offers online learning as well as a paper version.  This program supports our DBQ instructional model and is utilized in grades 3 through 5.


Study Island  - Web-based instruction, practice, assessment and reporting software for grades 2-5 in Reading, English/Language Arts and Science and Social Studies.  The program is tailored to the Georgia Performance Standards and self-adjusts to meet the students’ abilities. This program is used school-wide for grades K-5.


EasyTech - Web-based instruction teaching foundational digital skills in word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, database software, desktop publishing, computer hardware basics, graphics, keyboarding, and software coding. EasyTech lessons range from kindergarten through 8th grade using interactive lessons, quizzes, and real-world applications using Microsoft Suite.

Tumblebooks - An online collection of animated, talking picture books as well as beginning readers, chapter books, and graphic novels and is part of our eBook collection.

Digital Citizenship by Common Sense Media - Yearly, Alpharetta Elementary provides Digital Citizenship instruction using the Common Sense Media curriculum for grades Kindergarten through 5th grade.  This instruction helps to create a positive school culture that supports safe and responsible technology use.  AES also yearly applies and meets the requirements to become a Digital Citizenship Certified School.

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Communications between Alpharetta Elementary and parents are of paramount importance for positive relationships and student well-being.

Our weekly newsletter, The Eagle Wings, provides periodic up-to-date school information and event dates.  For overall school information, please refer to our online handbook.

For additional information, please contact our counselor Kerri Arnold at arnoldkl@fultonschools.org.



Alpharetta Elementary offers TAG (Talented and Gifted) instructions to those qualifying students.  Students meet one day per week for this program.

Screening for the Gifted Program takes place twice a year for Fulton County Schools.    Automatic Screening takes place in August- September.  Parents will be notified before any testing begins.   Students referred for testing will be tested during the Fall semester.  All parents will be notified of eligibility by December. The Classroom Screening will take place for a two-week period from January – February. Each school will select the two-week period that best fits the overall school calendar.  Students Identified for testing will be tested January-March.  All parents will be notified of eligibility by the end of the school year.   For more information please read the Parent Notification of Screening and Referral for Gifted Services , refer to the Questions & Answers Regarding Screening and Referrals, or the Fulton County Schools TAG page.

For additional information, contact Suzanne O'Brien at obriens@fultonschools.org.


Early Intervention Program

The Early Intervention Program (EIP) is designed to serve K-5 students who are at risk of not reaching or maintaining academic grade level.  The purpose of EIP is to provide additional instructional resources to help students who are performing below grade level obtain the necessary academic skills to reach grade level performance in the shortest possible time. 

Please contact the school for additional information or refer to the Fulton County School EIP web page.


English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

The Quality Basic Education Act provide for the creation of programs designed to help English language learners. These programs develop proficiency in the English language skills of listening, speaking, writing, reading and comprehension so that students can experience success in their classrooms and in social contexts both inside and outside of the school. Students from other cultures become acclimated to American culture through language-based instruction. All instruction in the ESOL program is given in English to facilitate the acquisition of English language skills for successful academic and social pursuits.

Please visit the ESOL Program Page on the Fulton County Website for additional information or contact  Phyllis Silverio at silverio@fultonschools.org.


Exceptional Children Services

Alpharetta Elementary provides services to students with disabilities. The services are provided through a continuum of educational environments from regular class placement to full day programs in specialized environments. The type and degree of services provided are determined through the development of an Individualized Education Program (I.E.P.)

For additional information, please contact our IST Tiffany Crumpton at crumpton@fultonschools.org  or visit Services for Exceptional Children on the Fulton County website.


Speech Services

Alpharetta Elementary provides speech services to identify and evaluate students who meet eligibility requirements for speech-language impairments. We work collaboratively and communicate with professionals and parents to integrate speech and langauge goals into the classroom and school environment.

For additional information, please contact our IST Tiffany Crumpton at crumpton@fultonschools.org.


Pre-Kindergarten Class

We are proud to house two pre-kindergarten classes. Because of limited space, pre-kindergarten registration is handled by a lottery system. Alpharetta Elementary registration and lottery is in March.

Parents can visit the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning web site to determine the availability of other pre-kindergarten program providers.


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