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Commonsense Media

​Platform to find best apps and websites for the classroom.  Search by app title, subject and grade, or by Common Core standard.




Apps for Children with Special Needs

​App reviews, video demonstrations, featured developers, and editor's choice.  Use drop down menu, "Latest App videos" to see full selection choices.


Current Apps (1/19/2015)

Website / App Permissions

All About Apps for Education 



Media and Technology Resources for Education

Commonsense Media

​Digital Citizenship, Professional Development and more.

Mobile Device Toolkit

Fulton County Schools

​Scroll down for list of recommended general apps.  Scroll to bottom for recommended elementary apps.

Technology Integration Matrix

University of South Florida

​Framework for defining and evaluation technology integration.

 App Reviews




Georgia CyberSafety Initiative

Georgia ICAC Task Force

​The Georgia ICAC Task Force site providing information about CyberSafety.

iPad Apps to Support Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

Kathy Shrock's Bloomin' Apps

​Scroll down to view example apps that support each level of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy.


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