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OAS (Online Assessment System) - Practice Student Tests

Please make a note of your logon id and password from the list below.

Click here to access Georgia OAS. (Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled).

If you have further questions, please visit http://georgiaoas.org and use the appropriate tab.


Parents and others without personal logon IDs, however, can log on to the OAS using the generic logon IDs and passwords for each grade, as given in the table below.



To see Student Tests
for this grade
Use this
Use this
1st grade Grade1 Grade1
2nd grade Grade2 Grade2
3rd grade Grade3 Grade3
4th grade Grade4 Grade4
5th grade Grade5 Grade5



Online Textbooks

* Please remember to logout when done with a book, especially if you want to use the same site for a different book.

Kindergarten (KG)

URL Link
Next Action
User ID
Reading / English Language Arts
www.harcourtschool.com/menus/trophies/menu.html Select Grade



Grades K-5

Fulton County Schools has provided a central link for accessing the available online textbooks for Barnwell Elementary School students. These online textbooks also include some navigational tools and additional resources.

Elementary Schools - Online Textbooks


Media Center Online Catalog


(24-hour catalog searching of the Barnwell Media Center, no login required)


Web Links

  • Accelerated Reader (Take quizzes from school)
  • Ben's Guide to US Government
    Benjamin Franklin is your guide to the US Government


  • BookFLIX
    Scholastic BookFlix is a new online literacy resource that pairs classic video storybooks from Weston Woods with related nonfiction eBooks from Scholastic to build a love of reading and learning.

    Access: Home & School (username & password required when using this link), Hours: 24/7, Grades: PK-3



  • Brain Pop Jr.
    Educational movies and homework help for K-3 students

    Access: Home & School, Hours: Starting 3/31/13 - 24/7, Grades: PK-3



  • Brain Pop
    Educational movies and homework help for students in grade 4 and above

    Access: Home & School, Hours: Starting 3/31/13 - 24/7, Grades: 3-5



  • CSI: Mathematics
    Grade level math GPS resourses from Ga Tech.


  • Britannica Online (Elementary)
    Britannica has the answers you need!

    Welcome to Encyclopædia Britannica Online School Edition. Use this powerful resource to search or browse for information in encyclopedias, magazines, videos, and Web sites.

    Access: Home & School (password required from Home only), Hours: 24/7, Grades: PK-5. Since this password changes several times during the year, please ask your teacher, Ms. Byrd or Mr. Srinivasan for the latest.



  • Georgia Department of Education
    Content descriptors and study guides for each grade.



  • Georgia Standards
    GPS Standards, activities, and lessons.



  • The Learning Site
    Online resource from Harcout School Publishers

  • Maps 101
    Maps101.com is a web-based interactive database of teacher lesson plans, geography tools, online learning games, dynamic interactive map modules and over 4,000 viewable and printable history, thematic, reference, outline, current events and animated maps.

    Access:  Home & School, Hours:  24/7, Grades:  K-12
    Usernames & Passwords:  Please see your teacher for this information.

  • Nettrekker
  • Nettrekker is a safe search tool provided by Fulton County Schools.  Please ask your teacher for our school's userid & password.
  • Access:  Home & School, Hours:  24/7, Grades: K-12
  • PBS Kids
    News, sports, arts, science, and technology
  • Reading Eggs
    Is a unique online world where children learn to read. It supports each child’s learning by offering individual, one-on-one lessons that allow children to progress at their own rate.

    Access: Home & School, Hours: 24/7, Grades: K-2 (other students per teacher). Please get your individual login information from your teacher.

  • Redbird Math
    Redbird Mathematics is a cutting-edge STEM-themed, digitally adaptive math curriculum developed by Stanford University and based on over 25 years of education technology research. It will be a strong addition as we venture into personalized learning.

    Access:   Home & School, Hours: 24/7, Grades: K-5.  Please get your individual login information from your teacher if you don't know it already.

  • Renaissance Place HOME CONNECT  (this link is ONLY for home use via Home Connect)
    Math Facts in a Flash is for students to practice their math facts at home. Results from home practicing / testing are NOT recorded in a student's record, but are meant for practice only. 
  • Access:  Home, Hours:  Mon-Sun 24/7, Grades 2-3.  Grades 4-5:  Check with your teacher.
    Usernames and passwords are on the individualized sheet that is provided to a student.  Please see Mrs. Byrd if you don't know your home login information.

    Additional NOTE:  Students and parents can view their Accelerated Reader results from home via this site.  Students cannot take quizzes from this site.  They can only take quizzes from school.

  • Study Island
    Web-based state assessment preparation programs and standards based learning programs

    Access: Home & School, Hours: 24/7, Grades: 3-6 (RELA & Math ONLY)

  • Time For Kids
    News, homework helper, magazine, and games



  • White House Kids
    A kids guide to the history and traditions of the White House



  • Yahooligans
    Search site which include kid games, kid movies, kid music, and much more
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