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School Closed December 21st - January 6th


All Fulton County schools and offices will be closed from December 21st through January 2nd for the winter break. January 3rd and 4th are teacher workdays (if you are new to Barnwell and need to register please come by on 1/3 or 1/4 between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM). Students return on Monday, January 7th!

On behalf of all of us at Barnwell, we wish you a wonderful winter break! 

Greg Tang Math

We had a great time learning with Greg Tang Jr! Want to learn more about the Greg Tang approach? Visit www.gregtangmath.com or watch his Ted Talk on how we can make better sense of math with our students (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnecUrHgTkc). 

All students that would like to complete the New Year's Challenge are encouraged to do so over the winter holiday. 

Greg Tang Math.JPG2018 CCRPI Scores and Climate Rating

The Georgia Department of Education released the 2018 CCRPI scores for all schools (click here, then click on "elementary" under Report Type to see Barnwell's full report). The 2018 CCRPI is calculated differently than in the past, as scores are now capped at 100 points (all bonus points have been eliminated) and student progress is weighted more than it has been previously. Georgia's average 2018 CCRPI score for elementary schools is 77.8, while Fulton County's is 80.6. Last year Barnwell's 2017 CCRPI score was 86.4 and our Climate Rating was 5 STAR.

This year our 2018 CCRPI score is 98.2 and our Climate Rating is 5 STAR! This 11.8 point increase is directly correlated to the hard work of our entire Barnwell community. Way to go Bears!

I am so proud of our school family's collective effort to grow and improve while ensuring a positive learning environment is in place for all our students. Click here for an overview sheet of our scores in each of the four areas that the CCRPI measures (Content Mastery, Progress, Closing the Gap and Readiness). 

Side Playground Upgrade

Thank you for supporting our Barnwell Foundation's efforts to replace our side playground. We expect the new playground to be installed in early 2019 adjacent to our Sensory Garden. 

     side playground view.jpg

Be Better. Be the BEAR!

Throughout the year we emphasize with all our students what it means to be a Barnwell Bear. Our students (and staff!) have learned the Barnwell Promise (click here) – we encourage all parents to have conversations about these expectations and support our efforts to foster kindness, respect and joy in our students' lives.     

Each day we share our expectation that all Barnwell Bears are Kind, Respectful and Happy and have been discussing these in depth on the news and in our morning meetings. We expect our students to do their best each day, working hard to learn and grow. We've shared that learning is not supposed to be easy – it can and should be hard! Students are learning that their effort is one of the most important things that contributes to their learning – being persistent with a positive attitude will lead to success.

We have discussed with all our students that being Kind means treating yourself and each other fairly, being helpful and acting in ways that encourage the heart. Being Respectful means caring about yourself and other people, and acting in a way that shows you care. When we're respectful we think and act in a positive way about ourselves and others. Lastly, we have discussed that being Happy is all about our attitude. It's choosing to be positive and encouraging, being persistent and having a growth mindset. We know that by being persistent and having a positive attitude each of us can get better every day.​

Be Better. Be the BEAR!


Welcome to Barnwell!

welcome picture.jpg

Do you know that we have students attending Barnwell that have families from all over the world? Our PTA has created the following "welcome" guides in multiple languages to make it a little easier to learn about our school and to get involved. 

Click on the following links for each language of our PTA Important Information guide:

EnglishChinese (Traditional)



RussianChinese (Simplified)Arabic


TurkishHindilet us know what language you need!​ ​

If you haven't done so already, please make every effort to join and support our PTA (click here). Barnwell's on the move and we need your help to keep getting better!

PTA National School of ExcellencNational School of Excellence logo.jpge!

Our PTA has been recognized as a 2017-19 National PTA School of Excellence! This is one of the highest awards any PTA can earn - only 143 schools in the country (only 16 in Georgia) were recognized as National Schools of Excellence!

We are very proud and appreciative of our PTA for working each day, hand in hand with our staff, to enhance the quality of our student experience.

Barnwell's 2017-18 Teacher of the Year!

weaver TOTY.jpg

We are proud of Mrs. Weaver, 4th grade teacher, for being our 2017-18 Teacher of the Year! 

Mrs. Weaver is an amazing teacher and teacher leader, helping ensure all our 4th grade students are learning and growing each day.​​​

2018-2019 Volunteer Requirements

Do you want to be a mystery reader? Would you like to help out in your child's classroom? We welcome all parents to come volunteer and be a part of your child's school experience at Barnwell. Per Fulton County policy, ALL parents that want to volunteer MUST complete the mandatory training or they will not be allowed to volunteer in classrooms! 

Visit the FCS site directly to complete the required informational training at least 48 hours prior to v​olunteering: 2018 Volunteer Registration

Digital Citizenship CertificationSchool1Badge.jpg

Barnwell is a Common Sense Certified School! This certification recognizes our efforts in teaching digital literacy and citizenship to our students from Common Sense Education, part of a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in a world of media and technology.

Lunch Visits/Birthday Celebrations

Any parent wanting to celebrate their child's birthday with the class is welcome to come to the cafeteria to purchase a frozen treat or cookies from our cafeteria and hand out to the class during lunch. 

Per Fulton County policy, no outside food of any kind is permitted for distribution to students in classrooms or the cafeteria (while you are welcome to provide your own child with any treat to celebrate a special occasion, no store-bought or homemade cupcakes, cookie cakes, etc. are allowed for class distribution). Parents wanting to celebrate with their child must order in advance and hand out during lunch (Birthday Celebration Flyer and Order Form).

Please note that teachers/school staff will not be handing out birthday treats in the cafeteria or classroom.

​​​​​Barnwell's Own Mrs. Townsend is Georgia's 2019 Teacher of the Year! 

IMG_2128.JPGOn Saturday, May 19th, the Georgia Department of Education announced the 20​19 Georgia Teacher of the Year, and for the first time ever it was awarded to a Fulton County teacher, Barnwell's very own Allison Kerley Townsend!

With 159 counties in Georgia, employing over 114,000 teachers, for Allison to be named the Georgia Teacher of the Year is an incredible accomplishment! She is without a doubt an amazing teacher and colleague, as she inspires, challenges, and loves her children and teammates, helping bring out the best in each and every one of us. However, Mrs. Townsend will also be the first to tell you that she didn't win this award alone – that her success is only possible because of the help, encouragement and inspiration of her school family.

We had a school-wide celebration during the last week of school with our Superintendent, Dr. Rose, Area Superintendent, Cliff Jones, School Board Members, our students and staff. 

​Visit: http://bit.ly/townsendpreview for a short trailer video and visit: http://bit.ly/townsendbes to watch the entire celebration. 



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Barnwell's Twitter: The Barnwell Beat!

Our administrative team updates our school Twitter page periodically to provide our parents, community members, and staff with relevant and important school-wide updates, announcements, photos, and information regarding school events, activities, accomplishments, and announcements.

Catch TheBarnwellBeat! Live on at http://twitter.com/TheBarnwellBeat              




Watch this video to learn more about the great things happening at Barnwell!

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