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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​School Governance Council Spring Elections March 11th-18th,  Meet Your Candidates

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Esther Jackson will be electing representatives to serve on the School Governance Council. We will be electing parent/guardian positions and a teacher position for our spring election. Our School Governance Council has a leadership role in the governance of the school. The Council works with the principal in setting the long-term vision and strategy for the school. They are responsible for approving the school’s strategic plan and budget recommendations, as well as designing innovative solutions to increase academic achievement and meet the unique needs of our school community.

2018-19 EJES School Governance Strategic Plan

2018-19 Escuela Prim aria Esther Jackson 

EJ Strategic Plan Monitoring Tool (Year 1)

School Governance Councils are an integral component of Fulton's charter system. School Governance Councils, or SGCs, are responsible for setting and monitoring the strategic direction of the schools.

The responsibilities of SGCs are as follows:

  • Approve the school's Strategic Plan
  • Approve the school's budget recommendations
  • Manage the Request for Flexibility process
  • Participate in the hiring process when hiring a new principal
  • Provide feedback on the principal's performance
  • Interface with the school's Title I committee (where applicable)

For more information visit FCS website

Current Council Members

TeacherJune 30, 2019vitagliano@fultonschools.org
Community MemberJune 30, 2019foxs@fultonschools.org
School EmployeeJune 30, 2019shurbutt@fultonschools.org
Parent June 30, 2019leer3@fultonschools.org
ParentJune 30, 2019holle@fultonschools.org
TeacherJune 30, 2020bowier@fultonschools.org
ParentJune 30, 2020 sondermank@fultonschools.org
Community Member June 30, 2020thomasm8@fultonschools.org
Teacher June 30, 2020massiec2@fultonschools.org


 SGC Meeting Dates

Next Meeting:​

March 26, 2019

5:00 PM - Admin Conference Room

Future meeting dates:

April 30, 2019

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 Meet Our Council Members

​ Committee Meeting Agendas & Minutes 

Budget and Finance


Chair – Jill Vitagliano

Nikol Boyd

Erin Shurbutt

Jennifer Hollee

Christopher Massie

Agendas & Minutes

​​​February 13, 2017

Community Outreach


Chair – Rachel Lee

Kim Sonderman

Susan Fox

Mike Thomas

Regina Bowie

Agendas & Minutes

1/28/18 - Agenda

9/25/18 - Summary

2/8/17 - Agenda

2/8/17 - Minutes


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