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  Mr. Jackson, Principal - jacksonf@fultonschools.org
  Mrs. Arnold, Assistant Principal - arnolds@fultonschools.org
  Mrs. Jackson, CST - jacksonj7@fultonschools.org
  Ms. Hammock, Counselor - hammocka@fultonschools.org                School Counseling Action Plan              Counselor's Corner​   
  Mr. Lanier, Instructional Math Coach - laniera@fultonschools.org

School Support

Ms. Valentine, School Psychologist - valentinea@fultonschools.org
Ms. Rachelle Shaw, IST - shawra@fultonschools.org​
Dr. Chandra Hall, School Social Worker - hallcv@fultonschools.org


School Specialists

Front Office

Mr. Wilson, Media Ed Tech Instructor - wilsonduane@fultonschools.org

Gullatt Elementary Parent and Student Connections Web Site

Ms. Robinson, Bookkeeper - robinsoncm@fultonschools.org
Ms. Burgess, Data Clerk - burgessg@fultonschools.org   
Ms. Sanford, Secretary - sanford@fultonschools.org
Mr. Makini, Clinic Assistant - makini@fultonschools.org

Pre-Kindergarten Teachers
Fourth Grade Teachers

Ms. Burns - aquil@fultonschools.org​
Ms. Evans - evansjustin@fultonschools.org


Ms. Barlow - barlows@fultonschools.org
Ms. Vaughn - vaughnb@fultonschools.org
Ms. Zeigler - ​zeiglerm@fultonschools.org ​​​

Kindergarten Teachers

Fifth Grade Teachers
Mrs. Almanzar - almanzarm@fultonschools.org                                              Mrs. Enujioke - enujioke@fultonschools.org                                                   Ms. Graham - grahama2@fultonschools.org                                                Ms. McLeroy - mcleroy@fultonschools.org 
Mrs. Stamper - stamper@fultonschools.org

Mrs. Atchison - atchisons@fultonschools.org
Ms. Horsford - horsford@fultonschools.org                    Ms. Lattimore - lattimoref@fultonschools.org

First Grade Teachers

EIP Teachers

Ms. Carter - carterkecia@fultonschools.org​                                              Ms. Clemmons - clemmons@fultonschools.org


Mrs. Knight - knightnee@fultonschools.org
Ms. Chapman - chapman@fultonschools.org
Ms. Thompson - thompsonh2@fultonschools.org
Ms. Jordan - jordanan@fultonschools.org

Second Grade TeachersSpecial Education Teachers
Ms. Knox - knoxl@fultonschools.org                                                             Ms. Nesbitt - nesbitta1@fultonschools.org                                                    Ms. Urgent - urgent@fultonschools.org
Ms. Williams - williamsMM@fultonschools.org

Ms. Robinson - robinsonT1@fultonschools.org
Ms. Batson - batsone@fultonschools.org
Ms. Allen - allenge@fultonschools.org
Ms. Hanson (Speech) - hansonSL@fultonschools.org

Third Grade Teachers

Speciality Teachers

Ms. Heath - heathcan@fultonschools.org
Ms. Johnson - johnsone5@fultonschools.org 
Ms. Pollard - pollards@fultonschools.org


Mr. Abraham (Music) - abrahamd@fultonschools.org
Ms. Wilkins (TAG/EIP) - wilkinsk@fultonschools.org
Ms. Houser (ESOL) - houser@fultonschools.org      
Ms. Lewis (Art) - lewisl6@fultonschools.org         Mr. Ames (PE) - ameyd@fultonschools.org





Paraprofessionals​ ​Cafeteria Staff​ ​

Mr. Lavender - lavender@fultonschools.org
Ms. A. Smith (Media) - smitha4@fultonschools.org
Mr. Edwards (White) - edwardsgly@fultonschools.org
Ms. Bryant (Hill) - bryantan@fultonschools.org
Ms. Sandoval (McLeroy) - sandoval@fultonschools.org
Ms. Newell (Pollard) - newellm@fultonschools.org
Ms. Owens (Evans) - owensk2@fultonschools.org
Ms. Nelson (Stamper) - nelsonj5@fultonschools.org        Mr. Smith (PE) - Smithj19@fultonschools.org                              Mrs. English, Parent Liaison - englishl@fultonschools.org

Ms. Gordon, Cafeteria Manger - gordone@fultonschools.org
Ms. Cooke - cookec1@fultonschools.org
Ms. S. Williams - williamss@fultonschools.org
Mr. Lane - laner1@fultonschools.org
Ms. Smith - smitht6@fultonschools.org

Custodial Staff​​

Mr. Bolden - boldena@fultonschools.org
Ms. Sandoval - sandovalm@fultonschools.org
Mr. Wright - wrightj1@fultonschools.org


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