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 Welcome to Lake Windward Elementary.




Summer Enrollment Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 -12:00 only



S.T.E.M. Day at Lake Windward



Mollie measures her spaghetti tower. 


On Friday, May 9, 2014, Lake Windward participated in the Fulton County S.T.E.M. Day Challenge as part of Georgia S.T.E.M. Day.  Students in kindergarten built paper boats and tried to see how many pennies the boats would hold before they sank.  We had many great designs that held 50+ pennies, but our best design held 81 pennies – AMAZING! 

In first grade, students used 10 paper cups and 2 pieces of cardboard to design a platform that would hold the most students; Ms. Brennan's class platform was able to hold 3 students and Mrs. Morris's structure held 4 students – WOW!  And for a fun activity, some of our first grades learned how to make homemade ice cream (chemical reaction) and they had to use their measuring skills; so much fun in one day! 

Second graders created spaghetti towers.  They had to see who could design the tallest stand-alone tower with just 30 pieces of spaghetti and 36 inches of tape.  Lots of engineering, math, and scientific process going on here!  We had towers that were from 16 to 30 inches tall that could stand on their own. 

Third graders had to make paper tables with only 8 sheets of newspaper, tape and a small piece of cardboard.  Then, they had to see which table could hold the most weight by putting text books on top.  We had many successful tables, some held a reading book or a science book, but our best tables held those heavy math books. 

Finally, in fourth grade, students got to design and fly paper airplanes.  A kid's dreams come true, being able to throw airplanes in school and not get in trouble!  Students had to come up with a design that would have the longest flight time.  Our longest flight was 5.22 seconds. 

Learning about science can be loads of fun. 

Mrs. Cindy Bailey


Nicholas and Saketh test the strength of their construction.