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Technology Competition:

The annual Fulton County Technology Competition typically held around Jan/Feb of each year, is an opportunity for students in Grades 3rd - 5th that are technically inclined to create an entry and showcase their skills through  categories such as:

3D Modeling: This category is defined as any original artwork digitally created and modelled in three dimensions using specialized software.

Animation: This category is defined as an original design with the primary purpose for allowing for the motion of objects.

Device Modification: This category is for devices engineered and/or modified by students to serve a specific purpose or meet a specific goal.

Digital Game Design: Game Design should include original content, design, and rules of an interactive game.

Digital Photo Production: This category is defined as any computer created original project using original student photographs.

Internet Applications: Projects in this category have strength in their use on networks, either the World Wide Web or LANs (Local Area Networks). Examples of Internet application projects include web pages, web sites, chat rooms, interactive games, bulletin boards, podcasts and blogs.

Mobile App: An entry in this category is an app that is specifically developed for a mobile device (phone, tablet, smart-device, etc.).

Multi-Media Applications: Multimedia projects are defined as computer-based reports or creative presentations using any combination of sound and/or images with text.

Project Programming: Projects in this category are self-executing programs created using recognizable programming languages such as BASIC, C++, Pascal, LOGO, etc. All parts of the program must be the author's own design. Programs must be identifiable in one of the three following categories:

  1. Computer-aided instruction or educational/learning games.
  2. Business or commercial applications.
  3. Personal applications that, with minor alterations, could be marketed for larger commercial audiences.

Robotics: Projects may be constructed from kits or published drawings, modified from other devices to create new applications, or constructed from the student's own concepts and designs. All entries must be a working and functional piece of electro-mechanical hardware in which movement and intent is controlled through student created programming.

Video Production: This category is defined as any original video project that has been edited on a computer with digital video editing software and exported into a digital video format. The project must be displayed for viewing on a computer.


Students choose and work on projects during their own free time outside of the school day and present the completed work to judges during the Technology Competition held at one of the Fulton County schools.

For additional information please see the Fulton County Technology Website

If you have any questions, or need further information, please contact Craig Gendreau, Competition Liaison at Phone: 470-254-2980.


Young Georgia Authors Writing Competition:

This is an annual event sponsored by the Georgia Department of Education.  The purpose is to inspire the best writing among Georgia students.  The competition is voluntary and must be done completely by the student.  A letter, competition rules are provided to interested students in January, and can also be found on the Medlock Bridge website.   If you have any questions or need another copy of the packet please feel free to contact Patty Neumeister, Curriculum Support Teacher.

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