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School Governance Council Elections

Roswell North Elementary School will be electing representatives to serve on the School Governance Council.  We will be electing one parent/guardian position and one teacher position for our spring election.  Our School​ Governance Council has a leadership role in the governance of the school. The Council works with the principal in setting the long-term vision and strategy for the school. They are responsible for approving the school's strategic plan and budget recommendations, as well as designing innovative solutions to increase academic achievement and meet the unique needs of our school community.

Elections for the parent/guardian and teacher positions on the School Governance Council will be held March 19th-March 23rd

SGC elections video

Rowell North ES Candidate Statements (Spring 2018) 




Nina Lewis  

Nina is an entrepreneurial spirit who thrives on innovation. A master multitask-er with an intense focus on customer satisfaction. Positive and vibrant optimist, with an ability to easily pick up most tasks/skill sets assigned to me; culminating in a unique ability to sell ice to Eskimos and exceed customer expectation. Nina holds a Bachelor of science in Neuroscience from King’s College London and a Master’s in Public Health from Emory university. Nina started her career as a pharmaceutical sales rep soon after graduating, surpassing her annual goal for territory sales within 6 months leading to 115% of target in a fiscal year, boosting overall sales within the territory from ranking 127th to 3rd.  I wish to serve because as a strategic thinker and thought leader, I would be honored to be part of the SGC helping to move my daughter's school forward.  Nina 


Sara Hake 

I was fortunate to serve on the SGC for Roswell North from 2015-2017, and I would love another opportunity to contribute to the school in this way.  During my previous term with SGC, I helped earn grants amounting to over $100,000, worked on re-writing our school's strategic plan, and saw a vast improvement in student achievement as a result.  This experience, combined with my background in education (I taught high school for eight years and currently run a preschool), help me to understand the needs of our students and our community.  I believe that varied learning opportunities, diverse teaching styles and methods, and consistent communication are keys to success in education.  It is my hope to serve on this committee again to continue to guide our school in a positive direction and ensure that our children are receiving the best educational opportunities possible.   

 Ashlie Lamarche  

My name is Ashlie Lamarche and I am interested in serving as a parent member of the RNE SGC.  My husband Dan and I have two children at RNE in the 4th and 1st grades.  At RNE, I serve on the PTA as chair of the International Night Committee, as well as a volunteer for other PTA programs and events throughout the year.  Professionally, I work at Accenture, a global consulting firm, as the chief of staff for our global Health & Public Services Digital practice.  This summer will mark my 20th year with Accenture. As a council member, I would leverage my extensive experience assisting organizations to define and pursue their enterprise strategies.  I have experience in evaluating investments and programs, and determining alignment with an organization’s strategic direction.  Data is a critical input to establishing and measuring change and I have years of experience applying data-driven approaches to drive improvements. I appreciate that the corporate world is different from academia.  As a council member, I will commit to listening carefully and learning a lot.  I will represent the views and interests of our school’s community.  I will share ideas and offer to lead initiatives.  I am excited about the possibility of working with the SGC and Administration to identify and pursue innovative programs that will increase the academic achievement of our students and their civic impact on our community.  I would be honored to represent parents and guardians as a member of the SGC. 


Sherry Naleszkiewicz  

I am an IT professional who has lived in the area for almost 20 years.  As an IT director for the last 10+ years, I have long experience providing leadership, setting strategies, establishing and reviewing budgets, and building and facilitating relationships among multiple stakeholders.  As the mother of two sons, the oldest in 1st grade and the youngest set to enter pre-K in the coming year, I am personally invested and committed to the success of Roswell North over the next five years. 


Andy Flink  

As the parent of two present day children attending Roswell North it is my goal to focus on doing what I can to help make our Student Governance Council as effective as possible for our current and future students as well as our staff and administrators.  (I also have 3 older children who have since graduated and attended North Fulton area public schools from Pre-K through 12th grade, a cumulate 40 school years!)   My professional background includes a 30-year career in various retail businesses where I was directly involved in areas ranging from marketing, human resources, and public relations to running a Board of Directors as Chairman.  Ultimately selling these businesses to a publicly held Fortune 500 company 16 years ago, I then launched a second career as a mediator and arbitrator.  Focused primarily in family law I am faced each and every day with issues that require creative resolutions, a path that is a perfect fit to be your newest member of the RNE SGC.


Kristina Eicher  

RNE is an incredible example of quality education and community spirit, and I would love the opportunity to assist in the continuation of that tradition as a member of the SGC. My name is Kristina Eicher. I am a 15-year resident of the City of Roswell, graduate of the University of Georgia, wife, and mother of two. During my 4-year tenure as the Alpharetta Arborist, I updated, administered, and enforced the tree ordinance. Over the 4-year course as Secretary and later Board Member for the GA Urban Forest Council, I worked to protect the tree coverage in our beautiful state through smart development and new plantings. Through these experiences, I was exposed to many facets of government on the city and state level. I worked collaboratively with many groups to determine goals and leadership for our organizations' missions, finding common ground and achieving success at every available opportunity. As a mom of a 1st grader at RNE, I am very interested in the future of our school and feel my experience and talents will be beneficial in this role. I also have a 7th grader at CMS and bring the perspective of having already experienced many facets of elementary school life. Currently, I have the time and interest to serve on the SGC. I look forward to the challenge and opportunity to use my talents alongside the faculty and staff to help further the goals of RNE and to continue the positive environment for everyone who walks its halls. Thank you for your consideration. 



Elizabeth Blount 

I have been a teacher for eight years and four of these years have been at Roswell North Elementary.  The community at Roswell North is one that welcomes you in with open arms. I love this school climate, because I feel that it matches my commitment and passion perfectly. I pour my heart into my students and school every day. This environment allows me to grow in my craft and inspire others. My teaching style is hands on, student driven learning. I am constantly trying new things, incorporating new technology, and strive to find the best practices for my classroom. Everyday my goal is to create a classroom environment where my students choose the best way for them to learn. I also believe incorporating other areas of the school is important. My students enjoy learning in the kids’ kitchen, the library, the outdoor classroom, the computer lab, and even with their kindergarten book buddies. This year, I have served on the Instructional Council representing second grade. I have enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate and solve problems with other grade level leaders. This has given me a better understanding of our school and appreciation for all staff members and each of the unique gifts they contribute. I wish to serve on the School Governance Council so that I can continue work like this and support the vision for the school.  I feel that with my experience, passion for my craft, and willingness to work with others, I would make a great addition to the council. 



The purpose of the Roswell North Elementary School Governance Council (SGC) is to provide parents, school staff, and community members with a leadership role in the management of the school. The SGC is a governing body that is representative of the community and the school, but operates under the control and management of the Board of Education. The Council is responsible for making decisions regarding the strategic direction of the school including:
a. Approve the strategic plan and updates
b. Approve the annual budget and annual resource allocations
c. Manage the Request for Flexibility process (see below)
d. Participate in hiring the principal (in the case of a vacancy)
e. Provide annual feedback on principal performance

Congratulations to parents Julie Mitchell and Gregory Botelho and to teacher Missy Trice on their election to the SGC!  Thanks to all parents and staff who voted in this election.








Strategic Plan




RFF Documents



SGC Resources



​Position​Member​Term and Date
​ChairAmy Williams
Appointed Community Member
​June 2018
​Vice-ChairBethany Holod
Elected Parent
​June 2018
​ParliamentarianBrittney Martin
Elected Teacher
​June 2018
​MembersGregory Botelho
Elected Parent 
Budget Committee Chair
​June 2019
Marueen Lilly
​​Julie Mitchell
Elected Parent 
Communication Committee Chair
​June 2019
Marcus Smith
Appointed Staff
​June 2019
Melissa Trice
​Elected Teacher 
​June 2019
Laureen Wagner
Appointed Staff
​June 2019

Angie Bullman

Community Member

​2017-2018 Meeting Dates:

  • September 14
  • October 26
  • November 30
  • December 14
  • January 11
  • February 8
  • March 8
  • April 12

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