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Personalized Learning is Coming!

"Personalized Learning" seems to be a new buzzword around Fulton County. The truth is, Spalding Drive Elementary has already begun personalizing learning during Tiger Time. I'm sure you've heard of Tiger Time which happens every morning (K - 5) to focus on students' specific needs in the area of math...that's personalized learning. So often people, myself included, think of personalized learning as having to do with technology and devices, but that's not necessarily the case. Providing "just-in-time" direct instruction when a student needs it based on a student's mastery of the standard or skill is also part of personalized learning. Personalized learning is not replacing our wonderful teachers with computers, but rather leveraging technology to provide more instruction and practice for students when the teacher can't be with them such as while the teachers work with small groups.

Rather than just handing out devices to students, Fulton County has learned from other systems and realizes we (the school) need a clear plan of how we will use devices and what personalized learning will look like at Spalding Drive Elementary - it is definitely not a "one size fits all". SDE is in Group 3, which means we have created a team of staff members to learn about personalized learning, write and design a plan for our school, and are in the process of sharing this plan with our staff. Our next step will be to create a team of people (staff, parents, students) to look at our four device choices, and based on our plan, decide which device makes sense for our school. This will take place in the next few weeks. The hope is to have the devices in the classrooms by October at the latest.

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