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​Spalding Drive Elementary School - School Governance Council (SGC)

Our SGC Elections are here, and it is time to get the vote out!  This year we will be filling two parent seats, and one teacher seat.  Voting is open at this time and runs through Monday, March the 18th.  Please vote by using the unique link the district sent to each family today. The process takes no more than 2-3 minutes to complete.  If you are aware of a family that did not receive a link, they will need to provide Ms. Arias, the Assistant Principal,  with their child's name and a working email address.  Thank you, and happy voting!

For information about each candidate, please click here

Purpose of School Governance Council (SGC)


School Governance Councils are an integral component of Fulton's charter system. School Governance Councils, or SGCs, are responsible for setting and monitoring the strategic direction of the schools.

Powers & Responsibilities

The responsibilities of SGCs are as follows:

·         Approve the school's Strategic Plan

·         Approve the school's budget recommendations

·         Manage the Request for Flexibility process

·         Participate in the hiring process when hiring a new principal

·         Provide feedback on the principal's performance

·         Interface with the school's Title I committee (where applicable)

STRIPES For Parents Presentation


Spalding Drive Elementary's Strategic Plan 2022

Our SGC worked with the leadership team to create and approve the Strategic Plan, which includes initiatives in student achievement, people and culture, community collaboration, and fiscal responsibility. 

Click here for Strategic Plan 2022

Click here for Monitoring Tool

2018-2019 Spalding Drive Elementary SGC Members:

 NameEmailPosition/TermTerm Expires
Lynn JohnsonJohnsonLM@fultonschools.orgPrincipal - OngoingN/A
LaLona Richards
LaLonaR@fultonschools.org 2-yr Elected Parent
June 30, 2020
Bobbi Rapp
RappB@fultonschools.org ​2-yr Elected Parent
Vice Chairperson
​June 30, 2019
Nicole Waller

​2-yr Elected Parent​June 30, 2019
​​Kimberly Allred​​AllredK@fultonschools.org ​​2-yr Elected Teacher​​​June 30, 2020
​​Chelsea CheshireCheshireC@fultonschools.org ​2-yr Elected Teacher​​June 30, 2019
​Cathy RoseberryRoseberry@fultonschools.org
2-yr Community Representative​June 30, 2019​​
​Adar Berghoff
Berghoffa@fultonschools.org​2-yr Community Representative
​June 30, 2020
Melany JsamesBrackingM@fultonschools.org ​​2-yr Appointed School-based Employee
​​June 30, 2020
​Janet WalkerWalkerJA@fultonschools.org​2-yr Appointed School-based Employee​​June 30, 2019

Please contact any of your Council Members if you have specific issues or comments.


Spalding Drive School Governance Council Committees:

          Budget and Finance Committee

                    Bobbi Rapp - Chair
​                    Cathy Roseberry
                    Chelsea Cheshire
                    Adar Berghoff

                    Lynn Johnson - non-voting member

          Outreach and Communications Committee

                    Janet Walker Arias - Chair
                    LaLona Richards
                    Melany Jsames

                    Kimberly Allred

                    Lynn Johnson - non-voting member​



Twenty schools (Cohort 1) made the transition to the Charter System during the 2012-2013 school year. Spalding Drive Charter Elementary is proud to be one of these Cohort 1 schools. These schools formed a School Governance Council, participated in development sessions, and may request waivers that fall under "Universal Requests for Flexibility." (See the charter system application for more details).

The establishment of the inaugural School Governance Council included a planning year. The term of office for the planning year began March 1 for those recently elected (October-December) and member training (January-February). Each Council member serving during the planning year will serve from March through June 30 and then serve either a one- or two-year term, depending on the slot for which they were elected.

Fulton County Schools has created a School Governance Council Overview to provide you with information about the responsibilities and function of these new governance councils.


Meeting Dates & Location:

​July​07/16/18 @ 8:30 am
August 08/21/18 @ 7:20 am
September09/18/18 @ 7:20 am
​October​10/16/18 @ 7:20 am

​10/30/18 @ 7:20 am
December12/04/18 @ 7:20 am
January01/22/19 @ 7:20 am
February02/20/19 @ 7:20 am
March03/19/19 @ 7:20 am
May05/07/19 @ 7:20 am



All SGC Meetings are held in the STEM Lab (Classroom 23) unless otherwise noted.

Public Comment Meetings:

  • September
  • December
  • February


Agendas, Meeting Summaries & Minutes: 

 SGC Agenda 07-16-18
 SGC Mtg Summary 07-16-18

 SGC Minutes 07-16-18

 SGC Agenda 08-21-18
 SGC Mtg Summary 08-21-18

 SGC Minutes 08-21-18

 SGC Agenda 09-18-18
 SGC Mtg Summary 09-18-18
 SGC Minutes 09-18-18

 SGC Agenda 10-16-18
 SGC Mtg Summary 10-16-18

 SGC Minutes 10-16-18

 SGC Agenda 10-30-18
 SGC Mtg Summary 10-30-18

 SGC Minutes 10-30-18

 SGC Agenda 12-04-18
 SGC Mtg Summary 12-04-18

 SGC Minutes 12-04-18

 SGC Agenda 01-22-19
 SGC Mtg Summary 01-22-19

 SGC Minutes 01-22-19

 SGC Agenda 02-20-19
 SGC Mtg Summary 02-20-19

 SGC Minutes 02-20-19

 SGC Agenda 03-19-19
 SGC Mtg Summary 03-19-19

 SGC Minutes 03-19-19

 SGC Agenda 05-07-19
 SGC Mtg Summary 05-07-19
 SGC Minutes 05-07-19

Meeting 9/27/18

Budget & Finance:
Meeting 10/11/18 
Meeting 02/11/19 @ 7:15


SGC Guidance

SGC Handbook


Request for Flexibiltiy


Archived Documents

Year:   2017-2018

Year:   2016-2017

Year:   2015-2016

Year:   2014-2015

Year:   2013-2014

Year:   2012-2013

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