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At the School Governance Council meeting on October 6, 2014, the Council voted to once again adopt a school uniform policy as a Universal Flexibility allowed by Fulton County Schools. The Council also voted, based on feedback from parents, to make some changes to the uniform policy from previous years. The new uniform policy is stated as follows and takes effect October 8, 2014.


Boys and Girls: White, navy or light blue collared shirts. (Shirts worn under a collared shirt must be one of the uniform colors. Girls' collared shirts must have at least five fingers of shoulder fabric width.) No open toe or open heel shoes will be allowed. Only solid gray, white, navy or light blue sweaters or sweatshirts may be worn inside the school.  Jackets must also meet these specifications if worn inside the building.

Boys: navy or khaki slacks or shorts (no denim or black slacks/shorts allowed). Sock color is not required to be in line with uniform colors.

Girls: navy or khaki slacks, shorts, skorts, dresses or jumpers. Plaid #76 skirts, jumpers, skorts. (no denim or black slacks/shorts/skorts/dresses/jumpers allowed). Leggings and tights must be in line with uniform colors.  Sock color is not required to be in line with uniform colors.

Students should come to school dressed and groomed in such a way as to reflect neatness, cleanliness and good taste.  All students should be modestly dressed and groomed so as to not distract, interrupt or interfere with the educational process. Trousers must be worn at waist level, with a belt. Parents are to provide the appropriate uniform as designated in the above School Policy. Any jacket, coat, sweatshirt or sweater may be worn going to and coming from school as well as on the playground to keep your child warm on cold days.  If you would like your child to wear a jacket, coat, sweatshirt or sweater in the building, it must be solid navy, white, light blue or gray. These garments must be free from any design or logo (other than our school emblem) and must be solid in color.  No other outer garment can be worn inside.

Any student in violation of the Uniform Policy will receive one written notice.  Any further violations of the policy will result in a phone call to a parent and the parent will need to provide appropriate clothing.

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