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Recently the county shared with us changes this year in the Milestone schedule for 3rd - 5th graders. Due to technical specifications with 100% of the county testing online, these changes were necessary to allow for an optimal testing environment. Since so many of our families make plans around this assessment, we wanted to share with you the changes as soon as possible. 

The following changes were made this year:
1) Most noticeably, 3rd and 5th graders will test during the same window, and 4th will test during another week. This allows the vendors to quickly score 3rd and 5th since promotion depends on the reading scores for both grades and and math scores for 5th grade.  In the past, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders tested during the same time frame.
2) Only one section will be tested a day to reduce test fatigue. In the past students would take both parts of a content area on the same day.
3) The testing window extends into May. Due to 4th grade testing at the end of the window, our testing window will run into the middle of May this year.


APRIL 15 - 17: ELA Testing for 3rd & 5th

APRIL 18 - 19:  Math Testing for 3rd & 5th

APRIL 22 - 23:  Science and Social Studies Testing for 5th grade only

MAY 6 - 8: ELA Testing for 4th

MAY 9 - 10: Math Testing for 4th

MAY 13 - 14:  Make-up Dates


Congratulations to the following students for being selected as Student of the Month for their grade for the month of December. Students were selected by the teachers based on how well they follow and model PAWS Laws. We are very proud of them and will announce a new group of winners each month. Be sure to look for their photo in the front hall!


 Sandy Springs Education Force   Reading Buddies Program Comes to Spalding Drive

 Volunteers Needed!

Change a student's life! Become a Sandy Springs Education Force (SSEF) "Reading Buddy," and share your love of books and reading with a student who will benefit from a one-to-one relationship with a caring adult. Adult volunteers meet the same student weekly at school during the student's 30-minute lunch period between mid-September and mid-May. It's a win-win! Students improve their reading skills and gain self-confidence, and volunteers gain the satisfaction of knowing their efforts make a big difference in inspiring children and motivating them to be academically successful.

SSEF has Reading Buddies programs in four Sandy Springs elementary schools: Ison Springs, Dunwoody Springs, Lake Forest, and now Spalding Drive. To learn more about how you can participate, please contact SSEF Program Director, Kathy Myers at myers-kathy@comcast.net and visit SSEF's website by clicking HERE.



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 Lynn Johnson - Principal
 Janet Walker Arias - Assistant Principal

 School begins each day at 7:40 am

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