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Your Opinion.jpgFINAL DAY!! - Friday, September 19th 



Spalding Drive Charter Elementary wishes to continue its current uniform policy as a Universal Flexibility allowed by Fulton County Schools. We are thrilled at the opportunity to give our families and staff a public comment survey before the council votes on this Universal Flexibility. 

The benefits of school uniforms as reported by school administrators include the following:

  • Better school learning environment
  • Less distracted by appearance and peer pressure to follow styles and trends
  • Minimized socioeconomic difference in students
  • Professional tone encourages children to take studies more seriously

Statistics reported from schools with uniforms:

  • Decreased tardiness and skipped classes
  • Decreased cliques, suspensions, discipline referrals, school violence
  • Increased school pride, unity and school commitment

Please take our short survey below!  The required 30-day public comment window will end at 11:59 pm on Friday, September 19 and the vote will take place at the Monday, October 6th School Governance Council meeting, which is also a public comment meeting.  We look forward to receiving your feedback!


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Congratulations Spalding Drive Charter Elementary!!!!!!

The School Governance Council was awarded our entire SEED fund grant of $106,970 for a STEM lab and STEM training for our teachers.  Every child will have access to this lab. 

Thanks to Mr. Reynolds for a wonderful presentation last week and all the hard work from the School Governance Council!  We are so appreciative of the parents and staff who gave us feedback. 

In addition, by supporting the Request For Flexibilities (RFF) for Early Release Days, our teachers will now have time available for STEM training!!  Studies show that STEM curricula promote college and career readiness for the increasing challenges our students are facing!

THINK BIG Spalding Drive Charter!!  The sky is the limit!!









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September 8
School Governance Council Meeting
Teacher's Lounge
7:30 am
September 9
Curriculum Night
6:00 pm
September 10
Early Release Day
Classes Dismiss at 12:30 pm
​September 11
Julia Bernath's Community Meeting
Woodland Elementary School
9:30 am
September 17
Hearing Screening
1st and 3rd Grades
Classrooms - Lower Level
September 26
Spirit Day
September 29
Picture Day

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