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The purpose of the School Governance Council is to provide parents, school, staff, and community members with a leadership role in the management of the school.
The School Governance Council is a governing body that is representative
of the community and the school, but operates under the control and
management of the Board of Education. The Council is responsible for
making decisions regarding the strategic direction of the school including: 

a.) Approve the school strategic plan and updates
b.) Approve the annual budget and annual resource allocations
c.) Manage the Request for Flexibility process
d.) Participate in hiring the principal (in case of a vacancy)
e.) Provide annual feedback on principal performance


SGC elections 2018.pngSGC welcomes new members:

Welcome to our newly elected parent representatives on our School Governance Council, Mrs. Noelle Pedraza and Mr. Edison Farrar!  Also, congratulations to our newest teacher representative, Ms. Bryan.  Thanks to all those who expressed an interest in serving on our council and all those parents, teachers and staff members who voted.

RFF Approval Letter

 Strategic Plan

Summit Hill ES Strategic Plan 2022.pdf

Our School Governance Council has a leadership role in the governance of the school. The Council works with the principal on the long-term vision and strategy for the school. They are responsible for approving the school's strategic plan and budget recommendations, as well as design innovative solutions to increase academic achievement and meet the unique needs of our school community. 

For additional information on our School Governance Councils and elections, view the Fulton County Governance Council webpage

Council Members

Please contact a Council Member below with issues and/or questions:

​Member​Member Email​End Date
Lorrie BeardenbeardenL@fultonschools.org​N/A

Mary Beth Burns -  Asst. Principal/Chairperson

mullikin@fultonschools.org June 30, 2019

Jason Block - Parent/Parliamentarian

blockj@fultonschools.org June 30, 2018
​Lisa Whalen-ParentwhalenL@fultonschools.org June 30, 2018

​Joseph Hellrung -Community

hellrung@fultonschools.org June 30, 2019
Jeanie Weiermiller -Teacherweiermiller@fultonschools.org June 30, 2018
​Karen Palumbo-Teacherpalumbo@fultonschools.org

 June 30, 2018

Brianna Johnson -Teacherjohnsonb7@fultonschools.org June 30, 2019
Tiffany Batiste - Parent June 30, 2018
Denisse Vaile - Parent/Vice-Chairpersonviale@fultonschools.org ​June 30, 2019


Summit Hill Elementary 2017-18 SGC Committees

Budget and Finance

Jason Block - Chair (SGC) blockj@fultonschools.org
Brianna Johnson - Teacherjohnsonb7@fultonschools.org
Denisse Tomkowsky - Parenttomkowsky@fultonschools.org
​Joseph Hellrung -Communityhellrung@fultonschools.org


Outreach and Communications

​Lisa Whalen- Chair/ParentwhalenL@fultonschools.org
Karen Palumbo - Teacherpalumbo@fultonschools.org
Jeanie Weiermiller -Teacherweiermiller@fultonschools.org
Mary Beth Burns - Asst. Principalmullikin@fultonschools.org
​Tiffany Batiste- Parent



 2018-19 Meeting Dates

All meetings will take place in the Principal's Conference Room at 7:00AM unless otherwise noted. 

August 21, 2018


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