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Summit Hill Kindergarten Husky Huddle March 6

It's time to round up the newest Husky pups!  Parents and their children who are eligible to attend Summit Hill Elementary Kindergarten in 2015-16 are invited to our "Husky Huddle" on March 6, 2015.  Beginning at 9:00 AM, this hour-long program provides parents with a preview of important curriculum and registration information as well as a virtual tour of a typical kindergarten day.  

Simultaneously, future kindergarten students themselves take off on a guided "V.I.P." tour of Summit Hill during which they see the building, visit a kindergarten classroom, listen to a read-aloud book in the Media Center, and even board a stationary school bus in the parking lot!  Afterward, prospective Husky pups return to the cafeteria to enjoy a snack of juice and cookies and reunite with their parents! 

Please note that new student registration (Kindergarten – Grade 5) for students who will attend Summit Hill in 2015-16 is scheduled to take place May 5-6.  This is when Summit Hill begins the enrollment process for next year's new students.

Summit Hill looks forward to welcoming their new Husky pups March 6th!


 New students who reside in the Summit Hill attendance zone

 Registration Location:  Summit Hill Elementary Front Office

 Hours:      8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesday, May 6

     8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Thursday, May 7

 Parents should bring the following documents

to help speed up the registration process. Please be aware that

it is not necessary to bring students for enrollment.

  • Two proofs of residency in Summit Hill attendance zone
  • Grades K-5 – Official State Birth Certificate
  • Georgia State Immunization Form (3231)
  • Georgia State Hearing, Vision & Dental Screening Form (3300)
  • Child's Social Security Card (Optional)

To enroll students who are transferring from another Fulton County School,

please come to the school to complete enrollment paperwork and

bring two proofs of residency in the Summit Hill attendance zone.

 For additional information regarding new student enrollment, please open the following weblink.


 Save the Date: Common Core and More on March 9 from 6-8PM

Have you wondered exactly what Common Core is? Have your kids brought home some homework and you just didn't know where to start, because it looks so different from how you learned it? Common Core is here, but there are a lot of misconceptions, and even more importantly plenty of resources available to help us as parents help our children. To help spread the word, and to help give our parents a clearer understanding of what Common Core is (and what it isn't), to answer questions about RTI, to clear up confusion around what the School Governance Council does and why it is so vital to the school, and how it complements our PTO, be sure to come to our special info session!

commoncoresmallercircle.png Please click commoncoreposterflyer.pdf for more information!

 New this year: Fulton County Schools Implement Student Learning Objectives

As mandated by the state of Georgia, this year Fulton County Schools will begin implementing SLOs – Student Learning Objectives. You may have heard the term by now, but what are they and how do they impact your student?

SLOs are district-wide measurable, long-term academic SMART goals set to determine student growth. In simplest terms, SLOs are about student growth – measuring how and what a student learns in order to inform instruction and personalize learning. Students will take a pre-assessment at the beginning of the course to determine what they already know. Teachers will then use the results to plan instruction for the remainder of the course. The score students earn on the pre-assessments won't count for or against them or be factored into their overall grade in the course, but it will help their teachers plan instruction for the rest of the course in order to improve the level of learning to its highest possibility.

To find out more about SLOs and how they're being implemented in Fulton County Schools, read the SLO_QA.PDF

 Through Fulton County Schools’ SPLOST funds, Summit Hill should be receiving a playground makeover during the 2014 – 2015 school year!! We are working with the county to save all the equipment purchased by our Foundation several years ago. Watch for these changes after September!

Click on each link below to check it out!




Please note, the volunteer training requirements must be met prior to
volunteering for Summit Hill. 

As of July 1, 2012, Georgia law states that all school volunteers are now
MANDATED REPORTERS and are required to report any suspected child
abuse or neglect.

How do I become a volunteer?

  1. Register at the Fulton County Schools Volunteer Page.
  2. Complete the mandatory online training.
  3. Complete the volunteer application.
  4. Wait for a confirmation email from Fulton County Schools.
  5. Visit the school and begin volunteering.

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  Hal Eisenberg - Owner     



Please click The Tutor Shop.pdf for more information! 



If your child is changing dismissal routines in any way, such as taking a different bus home or riding on his/her regular bus but switching stops, a note must be sent to your child's teacher upon arrival.  Changes in bus routines are approved for child care purposes only, not play dates. Changes in bus stops or bus numbers must be approved in advance by both transportation and school administration.

If your child is riding home at carpool with someone other than your identified guardian or release adults, you must send a note to your child's teacher upon arrival.  We need your signature and approval on any additional names of adults to whom your child can be released. The name of the person taking the child will be checked against the Emergency Contact List and I.D. may be requested.

For best results, any changes in dismissal should be in the teacher's hands by 8:00 a.m. Changes after 2:05 pm are difficult to guarantee success.

When emergencies arise and a change in dismissal is needed, parents must contact the front office staff by phone as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping your children safe!


Crisis Assistance and Mental Health Hotline

The attached article serves as a resource for our community for those in crisis. Please review and save for your reference. Please click crisis handoutposter.pdf for more information.









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