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ART: At SAE, we understand the importance of keeping art in the curriculum. While students in art classes learn techniques specific to art, such as how to draw, how to mix paint, or how to center a pot, they're also taught a remarkable array of mental habits not emphasized elsewhere in school. Such skills include visual-spatial abilities, reflection, self-criticism, and the willingness to experiment and learn from mistakes. All are important to numerous careers, but are widely ignored by today's standardized tests. Our Art Teachers are:

Katie Artentina and Kimberly Rizzo - rizzok@fultonschools.org

Music: Every child has the potential for successful, meaningful interactions with music. The SAE music program focuses on the development of this potential, through encounters with a variety of music and opportunities to participate in developmentally appropriate music activities. Our Musical Mission at Sweet Apple is to continue to learn and experience new things about music while discovering how music connects to other school subjects and to the world around us. We will achieve a successful musical class each week by participating in activities, cooperating with others, and enjoying the music that we learn. Our Music Teachers are:

 Burton.JPGAlex Burton - burtona@fultonschools.org and


Physical Education: Physical Activity is an important part of every day in the life of a child. At SAE, our mission is to promote health and fitness in our student's daily lives by offering a variety of developmentally appropriate physical fitness activities. Our physical education program is set in a caring, supportive, fun and active environment.  We have three Physical Education Teachers. They are:

Coach Terry.jpgCoach Terry TerrySM1@fultonschools.org 


Media Center: The SAE media center is a lively, tech-savvy environment. Students are welcome to visit anytime during the school day to check out a book or download one of our hundreds of eBooks. They also visit as a whole class every other week where they learn to be efficient and effective users of information. Digital citizenship skills are also reinforced so that our students can navigate today’s digital world safely and responsibly. Our Media Specialists are:

Whelan.JPG Julie Whelan - whelanj@fultonschools.org and David.JPG Jean David - davidj@fultonschools.org


Computer Lab: Our goal is to teach students computer skills that they will need for the future,as well as enhance their knowlege of computer skills which can make life easier. More importantly, we will show students that computers are a fun way to learn.  Our School Technology Specialist is:


Lynda Empoliti - EmpolitiL@fultonschools.or​g




Tag: The Talented and Gifted (TAG) program at Sweet Apple provides enriching learning experiences for the intellectually advanced and exceptionally creative student. The program provides a variety of high-quality opportunities for the student. Specially-trained educators guide the gifted student in ways that maximize the child’s unique learning characteristics, interests, personal needs, and capabilities.  Our Tag Teachers are:

Blackman.JPG Becky Blackman - blackmanr@fultonschools.org

 Reagan.JPGJennifer Blazek- blazek@fultonschools.org


Tech Support: Our goal is to support the hardware, software and technology practices that impact learning in the classroom. This could be a combination of setting up or fixing devices as well as meaningful integration of technology into instruction. Our School Technology Specialists are:


Student Support: It is the Sweet Apple Student Support Department’s mission to support students' instruction and development of academic achievement, personal/social growth, and career awareness. Sweet Apple's staff are here to help create a school environment that develops and supports student learning and achievement.  Our Staff includes:

Mrs. Robin Monico, SST Support - monicor@fultonschools.org

Mrs. Lisa Lewy, a Social Worker - lewyl@fultonschools.org   

Redding2.JPGMrs. Dianne Redding, a Counselor - reddingd@fultonschools.org  

Underwood2.JPGMr. Andy Underwood, a School Psychologist - underwooda@fultonschools.org

Ms. Melissa Quinton, Instructional Support Teacher - quinton@fultonschools.org

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