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​Amazon School Rewards

SAE will receive a percentage of the money you spend at Amazon every time you make a purchase through the Amazon link on our website. Click on the icon to the left to start shopping.







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ORDER by June 30th...




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WOW Day - Course Offerings:  (Click Here)​


Spring Registration for Kindergarten and New Students

Click Here for Information

April 30th - 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

May 1st – 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Email with any questions.


SAE Tech 4 Parents

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Wolfie's Travel Blog - Click Here!!!

Write Score Writing Resource - Find Out More HERE...

MILTON HS Camp of Champions Flyer: Click Here!


​4/13​WOW Day Registration Begins
​4/18​Wolfie's Dance Party
​4/21​Curriculum Chat with B. Bell, CST
​4/23​Linda Schultz Meeting at Roswell H.S. @ 9:30AM
​4/22-4/29​CRCT Grades 3-5 (See March 27 Slice for more info)
​4/30-5/1​Kindergarten & New Student Registration
​5/1​Kindergarten Musical @ 6:30p.m.
​5/2​WOW Day for Grades 2-5
​5/5​Kindergarten Orientation @ 8-10a.m.
​5/6​Cow-A-Palooza Spirit Night @ Chick-Fil-a from 5-8pm Roswell Corners
​5/5-5/9​Teacher Appreciation Week
​5/9​Great American Day (Third Grade)

​Linda Schultz Meeting @ Elkins Pointe MS at 9:30am


​Lemonade Stand at Recess

50 cents a cup / .25 refills

​5/15​Sky Zone Night @ 4-7PM
​5/16​Birthday Book Club in the Media Ctr. at 7:30AM
5/16Field Day!!!


SAE Transportation Change Form - Here

Family Directory Pre Order Form - Here

Notification to Parents: Gifted Screening & Referral Process Info - Click Here


NetTrekker is a leading educational search tool that provides Safer & Standards-Alligned Web Searches.

To Access netTrekker - Click Here   The User Name is: swee123 Password: student

School Volunteer Info: All school volunteers will need to be trained in our Child Abuse Reporting Protocol, beginning in August 2012 and will be ongoing throughout the school year. CLICK HERE to complete the required training:

A Volunteer Form will also need to be filled out by ANYONE who volunteers at SAE. CLICK HERE to access the Form...

 The Official Sweet Apple Time is:

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