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Alpharetta High knows how much some of you love to spoil our teachers and staff throughout the year.  This year we have asked the teachers and staff to fill out some of their "Favorite Things" for our website to make it easier to know their likes and dislikes.  With the holidays right around the corner we thought we would share the information with you in case you need it. 


*Please keep Fulton County Policy in mind when planning teacher's gifts.  Fulton County guidelines state: an individual gift to a teacher cannot exceed a value of $50; a group gift cannot exceed a total value of $500. 


Please click on the staff member's name below to see the list of Teacher/Staff Favorite things!


Dr. Shannon KerseyPrincipal

Errol Dice - Assistant Principal

Clair Greenaway - ​Assistant Principal

​Tina Johnson - Assistant Principal

​Mike Scheifflee - ​Assistant Principal

​Sharolyn Ketchup - ​Administrative Assistant

​Frank Fortunato - ​IB Coordinator

Whitney Decaminada - ​Testing Coordinator / 504 Coordinator

Allison Kornegay - ​RTI/SST Specialist / Graduation Coach

​Dustin Rennspies - ​Athletic Director


Flanny Richards-Boyles - Counseling Department Head

Karen Bolt - Counselor

​Amy Longstreth - Counselor

Jay Mercer - Counselor

Dee Webb - Counselor

​Jay Wiley - Counselor

​Donna Byrd - Registrar

Janet Viafora - Records Coordinator

​Sandra Papp - Bilingual Parent Liaison

Carolyn Vezeau - ​Principal's Secretary

Nan Bodeep - ​Professional Assistant II

Kathy Callahan - ​Paraprofessional / Testing-RTI

​Patricia [Trish] Connolly - ​Professional Assistant II

​Tanoni Houston - ​Bookkeeper

​Brenda Hunter - ​Data Clerk

​Nancy McCleskey - ​Data Clerk

Donna Mohrig - ​Attendance Clerk

Landis Ross - ​Front Desk

​Michelle Waliaga - ​Athletic Business Manager/Secretary


Adegbaju, Gretchen

Ahmeda, Fatheia

Allen, Patrick

Annamalai, Nithya

Aquirre, Saderricka

Araujo, Luci

Arias, Mandy

Armstrong, Connie

Armstrong, Tom

Ayan, Ferit Togla

Bacha, Najia

Baguley, Eric

Balusu, Vimala

Baron, Holly

Bass, Vilma

Baugh, Denise

Bennett, Robert

Bennevendo, Donna L

Best, Karen

Binder, Amy

Bolin, Andrew

Bostick, Pollye

Brandau, Ian

Brown, James

Bumpers, Webster

Burton, Jason

Byrnside, Elizabeth

Chiapperini, Kristen

Chiclana, Danita

Cohen, Jeff

Cole, Leslie

Cox, Michael C

Crisman, Matt

Crump, Clay

David, Neal

Davies, Kurt

Davis, Dotty

De Lap, Adriana

Duran, Jaime

Edgar, Debra

Edwards, Pauline

Eick, Tracey

Estrada, Karla

Etheridge, Letitiah

Ethridge, Deborah

Ettzevoglou, Nathalie

Evers, Kelly

Farr, Mary

Fenelus, Pierre

FerrerDevalero, Yaritza

Fisher, Susan

Flowers, Rita

Floyd, Rodney

Ford, Trisch

Fripp, Shawnte

Ghering, Kathy

Gibel, Sean

Goodwin, Stephen

Gottlieb, Ana Maria

Green, Kimberly Brooks

Hampton, Frank

Harper, Rachel

Hartwell, Matthew

Hatcher, Tom

Hayes, Tony

Hetherington, Lori

Hubbard, Kathleen

Hudson, Norma

Hyde, Bernette

Ingwersen, Lindsey

Innis, Christopher

Irvin, Kristen

Ivey, Lauren

Jean-Jacques, Yanic

Jenkins, Simon Ira

Johnson, Aliyah N

Johnson, Hunter

Johnson, Penni

Jolle, Christy

Jordan, Virginia

Kaczkowska, Elizabeth

Kearney, Shane

Keith, Lora

Kelly, Pam

King, Marshall

Kirk, Jessica

Lacy, Kenya

Landers, Corbin

LaPorte, Thomas

Lassiat, Charles

Laux, Charles

Lehman, Kendall

Lester, James

Levesque, Michelle Austin

Lindsay, Laura

Macko, Jeff

Magill, Kendra

Marshall, Jimmy

Martinez, Vincent

McCray, Kevin

McDonald, Stephanie

McGahee, Teresa

McLemore, Lacey

Michael, Rebecca

Michalec, Brian

Misner, Tracy

Mobley, Dominique

Molugoori, Padmavathi

Moore, Jillian

Muhammad, Martin

Murdock, Anthony

Nichols, Jake

Nicholson, Leland

Nieves, Ana [Bree]

Nutter, Linda

Oliver, Erin

Pack, Susan

Parker, Quinton

Parris, Michelle

Passaglia, Ashley

Payne, Sonha

Plimpton, Gregg

Quinn, John C

Ramsey, Brendan

Reddick, Meagan

Romero, Alejandro

Romero, Claudia

Rowell, James

Rozei, Katherine

Rush, Bianca

Rush, Eddie

Schlosser, Kaleigh

Scott, Jeanette

Scott, Kathryn

Sibold, Rosemary

Smiley, Adam

Smith, Richard

Solly-Weinberg, Sharon

Stoffle, Sarah

Stroligo, Lisa

Sweeney, Aaron

Sweet, Shane

Turner, Heather

Usnik, Carol

Velazquez, Deanna

Venisee-Gardner, Mia

Vinson, Jimmy

Wagner, TracyLynn

Walsh, Michael

Webber, Christopher

White, James

Whitehead, Trudy

Womack, Mike

Wright, Derek

Wright, Sunny

Yi, Joy

Zanone, Zachary

Zhang, Zhi

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