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Enrichment Choices 



Students:  Please take a minute to look through the Anchor Time Enrichment choices for this semester’s Anchor Time. 


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For Anchor Time this fall, I feel like… 



creating something!

  • Anchor Time Jam (Laux)
  • Science Fair (Duran)


doing something!

  • Darts! (Burton)
  • Student Leadership in Action (Bolin)
  • A Capella (Austin)
  • TESLA (Henner)
  • Science Olympiad (H. Johnson)
  • Beginner's Policy Debate (Smiley)
  • Unified Raiders (Landi)
  • Check, Matie! (Davis)


learning about something!

  • Freshman Focus (Brown)
  • Cut Stress with Coloring (Velazquez)



A Capella (Momentum and Hype

                Ms. Austin

Ever since the movie "Pitch Perfect" came onto the scene, the a cappella genre has exploded! It's a great way to sing and perform some of the greatest pop and rock music ever written, and you get to do it with 10-12 other awesome people just like you. Any student who is interested in learning more about the a cappella genre can join this Anchor Time, however only students who formally auditioned and were placed in Momentum and Hype in August will be able to perform and compete with these two ensembles.


Student Leadership in Action

                Mr. Bolin

Student Council teaches leadership not in principle, but in action. Students are constantly challenged to brainstorm new R.I.C.H. Raider ideas and implement these ideas through various events and mediums to instill a positive learning environment.  During this time, we will also collaborate with other organizations to make a stronger R.I.C.H. Raider impact on the school.  Student Council helps students apply the knowledge they learned in the classroom to the real world. Students are constantly asked to speak, read, and write at the highest caliber. Students are also asked to solve problems through inductive and deductive reasoning. Students are also asked to creatively find ways to spread a R.I.C.H. Raider message to the school.  Join Student Leadership in Action if you are passionate about making Alpharetta High School the best it can be!



                Mr. Burton

Want to learn how to play darts? Join Mr. Burton for a chance to learn the rules and how to play darts. Talk strategy and analyze your scores, watch expert players and learn techniques. Darts! Is a great opportunity to have fun and learn a new sport during Anchor Time!

Parent permission required; TAG seminar eligible


Emerging Investigators

                Mrs. Duran

Students that want to participate in the school science and engineering fair will have an opportunity during the school day to work on their experiment, poster, and research paper. This also serves as a time and space for students to collaborate with other students and teachers involved in the science fair. Students may submit their science fair project for the AHS Science & Engineering Fair in December or for the Google Science Fair. Students will…

  • Choose an area of research and propose a project (engineering) or experiment (science). Once the proposals are approved, students will spend the bulk of their time actually completing the project/experiment in class.
  • Keep a lab notebook log of their activities.
  • Write a formal lab report explaining the project/experiment and he/she will have the opportunity to submit this paper for publishing via the online journal, Emerging Investigators.
  • Design a project board to submit for the AHS Science & Engineering Fair in December.

    Students that qualify for the Fulton County Regional Science and Engineering Fair also have the potential to compete at the State and even International level! This opportunity is also open to students interested in software design, mathematics, and robotics.

    Parent permission required; TAG seminar eligible


    TESLA: iSchool Students

                    Mr. Henner

    Students will be responsible for integrating technology use at Alpharetta. This is a great leadership class, where students will learn how to use and teach applications of technology. Students will be involved in coming up with new ways that Alpharetta can use technology to better the campus. Last year the students researched how much it would cost and save Alpharetta, to install solar panels on the band building. Student's responsibilities include, but not limited to:
  • Maintaining the Genius Bar, where students can visit during the mornings, lunch, and anchor time, if they are having issues with their devices.
  • Helping teachers implement technology into their classroom or just help setting up their devices.
  • Create and maintain a website, where students can go for FAQ and sign-up for one-on-one help (Teachers included).
  • Help brainstorm, deploy, and collect student surfaces.
  • Come up with new ways that Alpharetta could use technology to better our campus.


    Science Olympiad

                    Mr. Johnson

    Science Olympiad competitions are like academic track meets, consisting of a series of 23 team events involving the many disciplines of science.  Some events require the construction of a device (hands-on experience), some require studying for tests (intellectual experience), some require working in a team using science to solve a problem (which requires having all the traits of a RICH Raider).  The club need to meet in order to practice for the events and to choose the 15 person team that will represent AHS at the regional and (we hope!) the state competition. The students in this club work hard and produce results, all while supporting new members as they all work toward the common goal of doing well in competition.


    Jam Session

                    Dr. Laux

    Students will have the ability to collaborate and work in small groups to enhance their musical skills.  Students will learn many important life skills that are valuable as a musician and throughout life.
  • Collaboration: Students will work together, sharing opinions and strive to come together to make something beautiful. Each individual voice is important, and so is the collaboration.
  • Leadership: Small ensembles have no conductor! Each member of the group has to be the leader at different times to help the group come together.
  • Responsibility: When there is only one student to a part, there is no ability to hide and each student must be responsible for learning his or her music!
  • Intonation: In small ensembles, students must focus and refine the skill of playing with the best tone and very well tune.

    And… the Jam Session is FUN because it is a great combination of playing music and spending time with friends!

    Note: Students must provide their own instruments.


    FBI: Freshman Basketball Intelligence

                    Mr. Nicholson

    Students will know how to play team basketball more effectively, how to become a two semester player by passing their classes, and how important it is to be a true RICH Raider as an athlete. They will understand these things through a combination of follow-up demonstration of key basketball concepts covered in videos, experiencing immediate grade improvement through studying intensely in a team environment, and short team role playing or discussion about RICH Raider concepts within the AT group. "Doing" will consist of:
  • Watching basketball in videos, walkthroughs of concepts demonstrated, and commitment to individual practice – 15 minutes
  • Completing academic course assignments – 25 minutes
  • Small group role playing or discussion of being a positive influence at AHS, in one's family, in the community and on the team as a RICH Raider – 5 minutes


    Beginner's Policy Debate

                    Mr. Smiley

    Debate offers a great outlet for students interested in academic competition. This class will focus on helping students learn about how to engage in competitive policy debate, develop research skills, and develop a logical understanding of governmental decision-making.  The topic this year is educational reform.  Students will be able to explore and learn about the role of various governmental levels in education policy, student rights in schools, current political affairs, and a series of other areas of American policy while developing argumentation skills that are useful in other areas.


    Unified Raiders

                    Mrs. Landi

    Attention Leaders, Athletes and Party Planners! We will be hosting Unified Raiders during Anchor Time.  You will have the opportunity to grow an in area of your interest while working with the special needs population here at AHS. Athletes: We will have the opportunity to learn new sports and play on unified teams (half gen ed and half special ed). Leaders: Students that want to share their passion and skills in sports can take a leadership role as a Peer Coach. Party Planners: We have opportunities to plan lunch activities, dances, Special Olympic Activities as well as organize Exceptional Children's week.  


Check, Matie!

            Mrs. Davis

In this enrichment course, Raiders will be exposed to the world of playing CHESS. Playing chess teaches planning and foresight and helps develop problem solving skills, foster self-confidence, increase creativity, improve memory and concentration, and enhance decision making skills. It’s a great way to exercise your brain (both the left and right sides) and is a game you can play for the rest of your life! Chess is a “sport for the mind.” Students will learn the rules (novice) and/or develop/research strategies (advanced); we will do tactical and positional exercises, appropriate for various level of play; students will have the option of practicing and playing face-to-face or online against comparable competitors; students also have the opportunity to prepare for chess tournaments outside of school (we will enter teams if we have enough participants). Students will set their own goals for what they want to get out the program; they will keep statistics on wins and losses and have the opportunity to obtain a USCF rating; students will also research past and current national and grand masters to determine ways to improve play.

Cut Stress with Coloring

                Ms. Velazquez

In a time when academic achievement is the focus for so many students, oftentimes mental health and balance become an afterthought. In this Anchor Time enrichment class, students will research about the many benefits of therapeutic coloring and spend much of each period actually coloring. We all need to take time every day to breathe, relax, and de-stress! What better way than with therapeutic coloring?!

  • Responsibilities: bring adult coloring book and coloring pencils to each class (some supplies provided if needed)
  • Why take this class? Mental health benefits, stress relief, mindfulness benefits, express creativity, produce art each week

    TAG seminar eligible

    Freshman Focus

                    Mrs. Brown

    Hey, 9th grade students! Want to learn the secret of high school? Join Mrs. Brown for our Freshman Focus enrichment where you will learn tips and tricks for navigating high school. From balancing your life to studying for tests and everything in between--this enrichment will help you to start strong by learning skills and techniques that will give you an amazing foundation for future years!

    Freshman only; TAG seminar eligible


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