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Clinic Administration
TracyLynn Wagner is the Alpharetta High Cluster Nurse who serves several schools in one geographical area. She provides assistance to parents and students with medical conditions or concerns (i.e. allergies, diabetes, asthma, seizures, transplants, and newly diagnosed conditions). She works closely with the clinic assistant, Susan Fisher.  She provides medical education and training for the staff. Susan Fisher may refer parents to TracyLynn to answer questions regarding specific medical conditions and protocols.

General Information
The clinic is open during school hours. Students will be sent to the clinic for illness, accidents, and injuries. The clinic is staffed by our clinic assistant, Susan Fisher.

Allergies and Medical Conditions
The clinic is responsible for maintaining all student health records. Please keep the school informed of any allergies or medical conditions that your child has.

If your child needs medication – that medication MUST be brought to the school clinic with the proper authorization form.  All medication must be in the original container and have a label (if a prescription medication the label must come from the pharmacy).

An Authorization to Give Medication form (SHS1) is required for all medications that are stored and administered at school, including any and all over-the-counter medications. It must be signed by the parent or guardian. A doctor's signature is required if it is a prescription medication.

An Authorization to Carry Medication form (SHS2) is required for all rescue medication - Epi, Inhaler, Glucagon and Diastat or other APPROVED (must receive Cluster Nurse permission) medications. The form must be signed by the parent or guardian along with the student. A doctor's signature is required if it is a prescription medication.

Students at Alpharetta High School are allowed to carry the following medications on their persons without an authorization form: Acetaminophen, Antacids, Aspirin, Cough or throat lozenges, Ibuprofen, Midol and Oral Antihistamines.

Changes in Emergency Contacts
Please notify the front office staff of any changes in emergency contact information. For your child's safety, please notify the school in writing if both parents are out of town and someone else will be acting as a guardian in your absence.

To view more helpful information, please visit the Fulton County School's Student Health Services website or contact TracyLynn Wagner, RN, BSN Alpharetta Cluster Nurse at 404-401-5546 or wagnert1@fultonschools.org or Susan Fisher (fisher@fultonschools.org) at Alpharetta High School at 470-254-7676.


Auth Med Form SHS1 May 2016 Revision.pdf

Auth To Carry Med Form SHS2 May 2016 Revision.pdf

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