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CLAWS 9th Grade Program

Caring Learning and Adapting While Succeeding

The CLAWS program is all about helping you make a smooth transition to high school and learn about all the opportunities CHS offers. From your first day at Cambridge, you will have support as part of the CLAWS program that focuses on academic and social issues that are common to 9th graders. During this time, you will learn about the school's culture and traditions so you can find ways to enhance your Cambridge journey.

Each CLAWS group has a supervising teacher, but the activities are led by juniors and seniors who can advise you on everything from navigating the cafeteria and hallways, to joining or starting a club, and studying for tests. Because they have recently been in your shoes, these mentors are in a unique position to help you make the most of your four years at CHS.

The BEAR Facts of CLAWS:

  • First semester only
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday during your lunch period
  • CLAWS will not meet on GROWL Wednesdays

​CLAWS Schedule

​1st period​8:20 - 9:18
​2nd period​9:23 - 10:20
​3rd period​10:25 - 11:22
  If you have 3rd period lunch:
          10:25 - 10:53   CLAWS
          10:53 - 11:22   Lunch
​4th period​11:27 - 12:24
  If you have 4th period lunch:
          11:27 - 11:55   CLAWS
          11:55 - 12:24   Lunch
​5th period​12:29 - 1:26
  If you have 5th period lunch:
          12:29 - 12:57   CLAWS
          12:57 - 1:26     Lunch
​6th period​1:31 - 2:28
​7th period​2:33 - 3:30





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