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​Personal Fitness Waiver Form


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Cambridge High School

Personal Fitness Waiver FAQs


1) Who is eligible for the waiver?
Beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, all current Cambridge students who successfully complete one season of marching band, one season of a varsity GHSA-sanctioned sport (excluding One Act Play and Literary competitions) offered at CHS, or two seasons of a GHSA-sanctioned "sub varsity" sport offered at CHS are eligible to utilize the Personal Fitness Waiver. This requirement must be met by the end of the first semester of the student's senior year.


2) Which sports are GHSA-sanctioned?
The following CHS sports programs are GHSA-sanctioned and qualify for the Personal Fitness Waiver:

Cross Country
Swimming & Diving
Track & Field


3) Where do students get a Personal Fitness Waiver form?
Once a student has met the Personal Fitness Waiver criteria, she/he should pick up a Personal Fitness Waiver form from the Counseling Department.


4) What is the process for obtaining the Personal Fitness waiver?
After successful completion of one season of marching band, one season of a varsity GHSA-sanctioned sport offered at CHS (list above), or two seasons of a "sub varsity" GHSA-sanctioned sport (listed above) offered at CHS, the student will obtain a Personal Fitness Waiver Form from the Counseling Department. The student should complete the form, have his/her successful participation verified by the Band Director or the Head Coach of the team, and return it to the Counseling Department. The completed, signed form must be turned in by the last day of the school year during which the eligibility requirement was met.

5) Does the student receive actual credit or a grade when using the Personal Fitness waiver?
No. Students who waive Personal Fitness will have a Personal Fitness Exemption Code added to their transcripts designating the waiver. No grade or credit will be assigned.


6) Can past participation in band or a sport count toward the waiver?
No. A student cannot be "grandfathered in" based on past participation in marching band or a sport. Students must complete the requirements after the 2015-2016 school year begins.  

7) What about sports that are not GHSA-sanctioned or GHSA-sanctioned sports that are not offered at Cambridge?
Since these sports are not under the domain of Cambridge High School, they are not included in the waiver. 

8) Are rising seniors eligible for the waiver?
Yes, rising seniors are eligible for the waiver, but they must complete the requirement by the end of the first semester (i.e. rising seniors participating only in winter/spring sports are not eligible). Reasoning: The Counseling Department must verify that graduating seniors have completed all required coursework. If a senior has not taken the Personal Fitness class or completed the eligibility by the end of the first semester, she/he is required to take the Personal Fitness class during the second semester.

9) Whom can I contact for questions about the waiver? For questions, please contact your child's school counselor and/or any of the following school staff: Curriculum Assistant Principal Shavanda Toomer (Toomer@fultonschools.org),  Athletic Director Lesley Broadwell (BroadwellL@fultonschools.org), Head Counselor Allison Carvell (CarvellA@fultonschools.org).


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