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This is a college level General Biology course and will cover a large amount of material in a relatively small amount of time. It is designed for students who plan to continue to study science in college.  Your previous biology course will serve as a background for a more detailed, analytical and quantitative study of life. 

The course is designed to provide students with the conceptual framework, factual knowledge, and analytical skills necessary to deal critically with the rapidly changing science of biology emphasizing an understanding of science as a process rather than an accumulation of facts.   This course integrates the four big ideas from the AP Biology Curriculum Requirements including the recognition of evolution as the foundation of the modern biology model, the utilization of energy to maintain homeostasis, the storage and transfer of information in Biological systems and how these systems interact. 

The course also includes a lab component that constitutes a minimum of 25% of instructional time.  We will perform laboratories during two of these periods per week (110 min lab / 275 min of classroom time).  A few laboratories each semester will be completed after school.  This lab component allows students to apply their biological knowledge and science practices as defined by the Curriculum Requirements.  These science practices emphasize student centered inquiry and quantitative analysis.  

Prerequisites: Biology (preferably honors) with an 85+ before honors points, Chemistry with an 85+ before honors points

There is a summer assignment for this course.​

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