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Advanced Placement (AP) Language and Composition engages students in the study of rhetoric, "the use of language for persuasive purposes" (Corbett and Connors 15).  Students become skilled readers, using a variety of deconstruction methods.  The selections of the course are a combination of texts representative of the literary movements of American literature in addition to texts grouped by rhetorical mode.  The analysis of prose and, in turn, the student's writing focuses on higher purpose, audience expectations, writer's attitude, and conventions of writing and language as a means of effective communication.  Students become mature readers and writers through interpretation, class discussions, inquiry, and written discourse of texts; all of which, allow students to prepare for AP Language and Composition exam as the ultimate culminating assessment for the course.  In addition to preparing students for the AP exam in May, our literary focus for the year is a survey of American Literature. We will be examining classic and contemporary works in fiction, poetry, and non-fiction to explore American literary periods and the unique themes present in the enduring texts. ​

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