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Course Overview:​ Environmental Science is taught as a traditional lab based science course focusing on critical thinking and analyzing data to confront current issues that face our society today. The instruction given is in the form of lectures, discussion groups, simulations, demos, and laboratory investigations (labs constituting at least 20-30% of the instructional time).  Since Environmental Science is profoundly dynamic, students will rely on current event readings, up to date online statistics, and simulation models. At the conclusion of this course students should have a clear understanding of the interdependence of all organisms through investigation and experimentation into environmental principles and concepts.  They will be able to identify, analyze, and offer solutions to environmental problems of both natural and anthropogenic origins.

The course is divided into nine major units throughout two 18-week semesters.  Students will take a major exam at the conclusion of each unit and a cumulative final exam at the end of the fall semester. 

The nine major units are as follows: Ecosystem Structure, Ecosystem Dynamics, Soil & Agriculture, Human Population, Energy Practices, Epidemiology & Toxicology, Air Quality, Water Quality, and Sustainability​.

Who should take this Course: Students (10th/11th/12th) that have successfully completed biology and chemistry as prerequisites.  In addition, students that have a passion for a more sustainable world or the outdoors would find that the information is not only relevant, but also essential to their life.   

Credit: The course fulfills 1 science credit towards high school graduation. The majority of colleges and universities accept a 3, 4, or 5 on the AP exam for 3 or 4 credits of college graduation. 

*There is a summer assignment prior to entering the Fall semester of this course. ​

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