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Why take AP French?

Students should not underestimate the importance of taking a fourth year of a foreign language and an AP class in French. In a world that is going more and more towards globalization, showing that you have an interest in other cultures and being able to speak several languages and understanding different ways of thinking are great assets. It is also a class that shows your commitment to a difficult subject and is highly regarded by universities in their admission process. Chattahoochee high school students have had a very high passing rate in this AP exam in the past years (average of 4.85 in 2015)

Objectives of the Course

It typically takes four to five years to master French to achieve an intermediate low fluency level. Taking a fourth year of French is exciting and rewarding: students reach for expression and comprehension at a functionally bilingual level. They start to think in French as they consolidate skills they have acquired in previous years. They are going in more depth, honing on the finer points of grammar while expanding their vocabulary and their knowledge of culture.

Time Requirements

  • Between 2 or 3 hours of personal work per week minimum
  • It is important to remember that a language is best acquired by constant repetition and exposure to the language in many different forms. Active participation in class is a key to success in this class. Students should take advantage of every minute they spend each day being exposed to the language in their class time.

​Course Content, Standards and Description: The course in AP French Language covers the equivalent of a third-year college course in advanced French composition and conversation. Successful performance on the examination is equivalent to the performance of students who have completed five to six semesters of college French language course. The AP French language course emphasizes the use of language for active communication and aims to teach students how to master the following skills:

  • to understand spoken French in various context;
  • to acquire a French vocabulary sufficiently ample for reading newspaper and
    magazine articles, literary texts, and other non-technical writings without the
    dependence on a dictionary;
  • to express themselves in French, both in speech and in writing, coherently,
    resourcefully, and with reasonable fluency and accuracy

This class emphasizes the five domains of learning promoted in the Foreign Language National Standards: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. It is also designed to further the students' competence in reading, listening, speaking, and writing and develop a deeper awareness of francophone culture.

Although the AP class prepares rigorously and successfully the students to the AP examination, it is also a very enjoyable class that offers a wide range of activities (reading of literature, poetry writing, songs, debates, interactive journals, study of films and short films, study of francophone culture, research, listening to programs on the Internet (TV5 or France 2 for example), pod casts, current events etc.)​

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