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Why take AP Latin?  There are several reasons to take AP Latin far beyond the typical argument of "improvement of SAT or ACT scores". First of all, AP Latin sets you apart from the crowd. Of the thousands of students applying the prestigious schools, you will be in a small minority who can show that you value a rigorous education and learning for its own sake. You will learn about Latin, sure, but you will also learn a great deal about western history, culture, and literature. You will train your mind to think both logically and creatively. Though you will be challenged, it will be to your benefit and make you a stronger student  in college.

Objectives of the Course: Students in AP Latin will read Caesar's de bello Gallico and Vergil's Aeneid both in Latin and in English. Through this course, fluency in reading will be achieved as well as an understanding of the influences of these texts on Western civilization. Students will exercise close reading techniques and develop analytical skills.

Time Requirements: Between 2 or 3 hours of personal work per week minimum.  It is important to remember that a language is best acquired by constant repetition and exposure to the language in many different forms. Active participation in class is a key to success in this class. 

Course Content, Themes and Objectives: The content of the course is organized into four broad categories of skills that students develop and apply to their study of Latin language and literature: Reading and Comprehending, Translating, Contextualizing, and Analyzing Texts.  

The AP Latin course is structured around seven themes: Literary Genre and Style, Roman Values, War and Empire, Leadership, Views of Non-Romans, History and Memory, Human Beings and the Gods

Themes facilitate the integration of language, content, and culture and promote academic inquiry.

The AP Latin course provides students with opportunities to demonstrate their proficiency in each area of the course by addressing the following learning objectives. Students are expected to: 

Read and comprehend Latin poetry and prose from selected authors with appropriate assistance; 

•Translate previously prepared Latin texts into English as literally as possible; 

Relate the Latin texts to Roman historical, cultural, and literary contexts; and 

Analyze linguistic and literary features of one or more Latin texts. ​

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