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​Course Overview:  Reasoning based on probability and statistics gives modern society the ability to cope with uncertainty.  It deals with the design of how data is collected, the analysis of the data, and the drawing of conclusions from the data.

Statistics has astonishing power to improve decision-making accuracy and test new ideas.  It's a key analytical tool used in education, the social sciences, and business administration and is often a required college subject for majors in those areas.  Statistics is frequently used for data analysis in the sciences and forms the mathematical basis for quality control in manufacturing.

AP Statistics is a college level class for students who have been highly successful in Algebra 2.  It covers the topics needed for the College Board AP Statistics exam.  Students passing this test may receive college credit.

In college, statistics is generally considered an intellectually challenging course.  Correlations between the combined PSAT math and verbal scores with the passing rate in AP Statistics bears this out.  However, AP Statistics has an advantage over the equivalent college course in that it takes an entire year to present what would be considered a semester of material in college.

Who Should Take This Class:  Students with an interest in careers related to medicine, bioinformatics, genetics, business, mathematics, architecture, engineering, any of the sciences, or the social sciences including psychology, sociology, political science, and education.  In college, statistics is required for most majors with the possible exception of the fine arts.

Credit:  Although AP Statistics is considered an elective, it does count as 1 credit towards the graduation requirements of 4 math credits.

Summer Assignment:  Some articles may be required summer reading, or often there is no summer assignment.

Prerequisites:  Accelerated Geometry or above, or on-level Algebra 2 or above.  A combined PSAT verbal and math score of 111 or higher is a good indication that you have the background needed to succeed in the course.  Surprisingly, a score of 3 or higher on the AP World History exam is also a strong indication of future success in AP Statistics.

Calculators and Computers:  For the purpose of understanding, students will learn all the traditional techniques of using statistics equations and tables for problem solving.  However, in today's world, most statistical analysis is done with computer applications and so resources will be provided as follows:

  1. TI-84 / TI-nSpireCalculator: virtually every traditional calculation will also be done on a TI-84.
  2. Fathom Software: will be used by the teacher for demonstrating the basis behind several of the statistics techniques such as regression and correlation.
  3. SAS Software: SAS is the market-leader in analytical software for businesses and universities.  Students will utilize SAS throughout the course to reinforce statistical concepts when available.​


​AP Statistics Brochure​

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