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All students and parents are strongly encouraged to sign up for the web-based program for monitoring grades: Home Access Center. Students should check their averages frequently and see their teachers if they become concerned with their academic performance.​

1.Recovery is a provision for improving grades for students who completed a Major Assessment but failed to demonstrate mastery as evidenced by a grade below 80% on the Major Assessment. 

2.So that students stay focused on the content at hand and don't become overwhelmed and fall too far behind, students should initiate Recovery on a Major Assessment within 5 school days of being informed of the grade on that assessment.  All Recovery work must be completed 10 days before the end of the semester; students cannot Recover on final exams or EOCs. 

3.Since students are allowed one attempt at Recovery per Major Assessment, it is recommended that students sufficiently study for the Recovery assessment.  Before giving the Recovery assessment, teachers may require students to meet to go over the material, complete a study guide, and/or complete other related assignments in order to prepare students to demonstrate mastery.  

4.The Recovery assignment must assess the same course objectives as the original assessment and measure the same level of mastery.  However, the format of the Recovery assignment may be different from the format of the original assessment.  

5.The grade on the Recovery assignment will replace the original grade if the Recovery grade is equal to or below 80%.  If the Recovery grade is above 80%, the original grade will be replaced with an 80%.  

6.In the case of an honor code violation on a Major Assessment, the grade will stand as a zero with no eligibility for Recovery on that assignment. ​
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