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Stay on track and plan your mini-semester with these Pacing Charts for your course.

For your information, the course Syllabus is also posted.


Ceramics 1 Syllabus and Pacing Chart
Introduction to Art Syllabus and Pacing Chart
Printmaking I Syllabus and Pacing Chart
Printmaking II Syllabus and Pacing Chart
Sculpture I Syllabus and Pacing Chart
Sculpture II Syllabus and Pacing Chart

Career Tech

Small Business Development Pathway
Introduction to Business and Technology A and B  Syllabus Robinson
Legal Environment of Business A and B Syllabus                                                                   Work-Based Learning Syllabus 


English Language Arts

9th Grade Literature and Composition   Syllabus     
10th Grade Literature and Composition   Syllabus
11th Grade American Literature and Composition-Markham   Syllabus
11th Grade American Literature and Composition-Shorr 
12th Grade Multicultural Literature   Syllabus
12th Grade World Literature   Syllabus


Health and P.E.

Health: Syllabus
Personal Fitness : Syllabus
Weight Training: Syllabus



Math Department Classroom Procedures

GSE Algebra 1 A: Syllabus
GSE Algebra 1 B:  Syllabus                                                                                                 GSE Algebra 2 A:   Syllabus 
GSE Algebra 2 BSyllabus
Advanced Mathematical Decision Making ASyllabus
Advanced Mathematical Decision Making BSyllabus
GSE Geometry A: Syllabus
GSE Geometry B Syllabus
GSE Pre-Calculus ASyllabus
GSE Pre-Calculus BSyllabus



Biology A: Syllabus
Biology B: Syllabus
Chemistry A: Syllabus
Chemistry B: Syllabus
Earth Systems A: Syllabus
Earth Systems B: Syllabus
Environmental Science A: Syllabus
Environmental Science B: Syllabus
Physical Science A: Syllabus
Physical Science B: Syllabus


Social Studies

American GovernmentSyllabus
US History A  Syllabus
US History B   Syllabus
World History A Mini-Semester I: Syllabus
                       MS II
                       MS III
                       MS IV
World History B Mini-Semester I: Syllabus

                       MS II
                       MS III 
                       MS IV

Economics   Syllabus


World Language

Spanish 1A:  Syllabus
Spanish 1B:  Syllabus
Spanish 2A:  Syllabus
Spanish 2B:  Syllabus
Spanish 3A:  Syllabus
Spanish 3B:  Syllabus


pacing chart calendar 

NOTE: The Pacing Charts are guidelines and subject to change.

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