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The full policy can be found on the Fulton County Schools Website.

To report a student absent, FCBOE mandates a parent or guardian needs to send in a written note with the student's name, grade, date of absence, reason, and parent/guardian signature. The note needs to be turned in within five (5) days of the student's return to school. We cannot accept phone calls or emails.

Checking Out
In an effort to reduce classroom interruption we would like to remind our students and parents of the Milton High School checkout procedures. If you need to checkout your student for any reason, please follow these steps:
  • The student can bring a written note - including the student's name, grade, reason for dismissal and time of pickup - from the parent or legal guardian to the attendance office in the morning to receive a pass out of class.
  • We cannot accept phone calls or emails to check students out.
  • If an early dismissal note is not provided in the morning, a student may be called to the front office for check-out only when the parent/guardian or emergency contact arrives in the front office with a government issued ID (driver's license, passport, Fulton County employee ID). 
  • You may be asked to wait until a class change to check out your child.
  • Any student who leaves campus without following these procedures will be marked unexcused and may face an administrative consequence.

Your cooperation with this procedure is requested as it minimizes interruptions to classroom instruction.

Students will not be checked out after 3:00 PM.

Checking In
Students who come to school after school begins must stop at the attendance office and check in. The student will need a parent or guardian note, doctor note, or parent/guardian in person. Excuse notes should include the student's name, grade, reason for being late and the date, as well as parent/guardian signature. 

Pre-Approved Absences
Fulton County Schools allows for pre-approved excused absences not exceeding a cumulative total of six (6) days per school year for the following reasons:

-Scholarship interviews/college visitations

-Travel opportunity with educational benefits

-Graduation or wedding of an immediate family member

-Specialized, supplemental or extracurricular experience

-Other circumstances that are mutually agreeable to the parent and Principal

Parents, please be patient with this process as our administration team is checking this form weekly. When an absence has been pre-approved by the grade level administrator, it is the responsibility of the student to get any instruction/work from their teachers.

Administration Guide

9th Grade – Olga Glymph - GlymphO@fultonschools.org
10th Grade – Rich Spierto - Spierto@fultonschools.org
11th Grade – Monica White - WhiteML@fultonschools.org
12th Grade – Cristina Mallon - Mallon@fultonschools.org

Please CLICK HERE to complete the Pre-Approved Absence Form.

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