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The full policy can be found on the Fulton County Schools Website. Some highlights:

To report a student absent, FCBOE mandates a parent or guardian needs to send in a written note with the student's name, grade, date of absence, reason, and parent/guardian signature. The note needs to be turned in within five (5) days of the student's return to school. We cannot accept phone calls or emails.

FCBOE policy for attendance states:
It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent/guardian to present a satisfactory written excuse to the principal or designee within five (5) days of returning to school from an absence in order for the absence(s) to be recorded as excused. The excuse must state the reason for the absence and be signed by the student’s parent or guardian. Excuses will be kept on file at the school at least until the beginning of the next school year. Students who have missed ten (10) days of school or more in a school year will be required to provide additional written verification such as a doctors’ statement.

Checking Out
To check a student out before the end of the day, the student needs to bring a written note from the parent or guardian to the attendance office to receive a pass out of class. This note should include the student's name, grade, reason for dismissal and the time the parent or guardian will pick the student up. We cannot accept phone calls or emails to check students out. Only individuals specified on a student's emergency contact list may pick up a student.

Checking In
Students who come to school after school begins must stop at the attendance office and check in. The student will need a parent or guardian note, doctor note, or parent/guardian in person. Excuse notes should include the student's name, grade, reason for being late and the date, as well as parent/guardian signature. We cannot accept phone calls or emails with late excuses.

Pre-Approved Absences
Please contact Mrs. Barr at Barral@fultonschools.org for information about pre-approved absences.


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 Email: Barral@fultonschools.org
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