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We will begin Georgia Milestone End of Course (EOC) testing next week. The schedule below will be used during test administration window. The EOC's will be administered beginning Monday, April 22 through Friday, May 3The EOC exam will be administered to Milton students currently enrolled in the following EOC subjects:
  • ELA: 9th Literature or 11th Literature
  • MATH: Algebra or Geometry
  • SCIENCE: Biology or Physcial Science
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: U.S. History or Economics
Students enrolled in the above courses will be taking their EOCs on the following dates:
MONDAY, APRIL 22: 9th Lit & 11th Lit
TUESDAY, APRIL 23: U.S. History & Economics
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24: 9th Lit & 11th Lit
MONDAY, APRIL 29: Algebra & Geometry
TUESDAY, APRIL 30: Biology & Physical Science
*MAKE-UP EXAMS WILL BE ON April 25 & 26 and May 1, 2 & 3

Please read below to understand how Milton administers the EOC exam.
  • Students who are required to take an EOC MUST report to school by the regular start time of 8:20AM.
  • Students who do not have an EOC scheduled on designated testing days AND, use a Fulton County School bus as transportation to school, MUST adhere to the following process:
    • Can get their bus at the REGULARLY DESIGNATED PICK-UP TIME and, when they arrive to school, report to the cafeteria (extended study hall) until the testing window is completed.
  • Students who do not have an EOC scheduled on designated testing days AND are able to provide their own transportationMUST report to school no later than 11:20AM on designated testing days.
Students will be using their Fulton County issued Microsoft Surface Tablet for testing.
We will send reminders out for students to make sure their tablets are FULLY CHARGED and prepared for their test administration.


Q: Does my child take an EOC everyday during the testing window?
A: No, depending on the grade level, course, some students may take as many as three and some may only take one.
Q: Does the EOC count towards my student's final grade?
A: Yes! The EOC counts as 20% of the student's final grade in that EOC class.
Q: What can I/my child do to be fully prepared for his/her EOC?
A: Review all relevant materials available, get A LOT of sleep the night before AND have a good breakfast on the day of testing. Also, make sure your student FULLY CHARGES THEIR ASSIGNED DEVICE the night before testing.
Q: What does a student need to bring on their day of testing?
A: Students need to bring their SCHOOL ISSUED DEVICE and a pen or pencil.
Q: What if a student was not issued a device/has a damaged device/or forgets their device?
A: There are extra devices to accommodate students in any of the situations listed above.
Q: Are students allowed to have personal electronic devices (cell phone, iPad, personal computer) during their testing session?
A: We STRONGLY DISCOURAGE students from having a personal electronic device with them during their EOC administration. During an active testing session, students in possession of ANY device NOT assigned to them by the school MAY have their score invalidated AND face serious discipline consequences (i.e. suspension, honor code violation report).
Q: What if a student reports to school at the normal time and isn't scheduled to test?
A: Students not testing will stay in the cafeteria and be supervised by staff until the adjusted bell begins.
Q: Is the adjusted schedule used every day during the testing window?
A: No. Please refer to the EOC Testing Schedule at the top for those days.

What is the purpose of Georgia Milestones?

The Georgia Milestones Assessment System is designed to provide information about how well students are mastering the state-adopted content standards in the core content areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Importantly, Georgia Milestones is designed to provide students with critical information about their own achievement and their readiness for their next level of learning – be it the next grade, the next course, or endeavor (college or career). Informing parents, educators, and the public about how well students are learning important content is an essential aspect of any educational assessment and accountability system. 

What content areas and grade levels are tested?

High school students take an end-of-course assessment for each of the ten courses designated by the State Board of Education. Students at the high school level will take an end-of-course assessment in the following ten courses:

  • English Language Arts
    • Ninth Grade Literature and Composition
    • American Literature and Composition
  • Mathematics
    • Algebra I or Coordinate Algebra
    • Geometry or Analytic Geometry
  • Science
    • Biology
    • Physical Science
  • Social Studies
    • United States History
    • Economics/Business/Free Enterprise

      The end-of-course measures are administered at the completion of the course, regardless of the grade level. These measures serve as the final exam for the course, and contribute 20% to the student's final course grade. Each school district selects a local testing window, based on their local school calendar, from within the state-designated testing window.
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