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​5 parents and 3 teachers have announced their intention to run for an open seat on the School Governance Council.  We are very pleased to have this number of candidates and present their statements here. Candidates are invited to attend the SGC meeting on Monday, March 7, the 10th Grade Parent Night/Dual Enrollment Night on Tuesday, March 8, and we hope, a future candidate meet and greet before voting begins on March 23, 2016. 

Parents will vote for one parent candidate using their Home Access Code and password; teachers and staff will vote one teacher candidate.



​5 Parent Candidates - in alphabetical order are: Veronica Carew, Mustafa Karadeniz, Maria Lee, Brett Lowe and Miriam Salpeter


Veronica Carew

Hands on Executive Director known for my strategic and focused approach, who is committed to motivating children through art, education, and recreation.  I have more than Eighteen years experience working with Non-profits, most recently with at-risk children.  Extensive experience working in multicultural environments, program/training development and delivery, leadership/motivational and team building as well as finance management.  I hold two degrees a Masters in Forensic Psychology and Bachelors in Criminal Justice and several certifications.  I have several accolades that include but not limited to Certified (SCIP) Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention, Ambassador of Peace Award, Woman of Excellence and Citizens of the Year Award.  Professional designations include Board of National Police Athletic League -Trustee, Sandy Springs Middle School Advisory Council-Board member, Parenting Education Program/Daycare Advisory-Board Member. I have volunteered at several Fulton County Schools alongside principals as well as parents to come up with programs dedicated to leadership skills that focus on more than what good leaders look like but skills that are needed on a daily basis. My extensive background in community service and public education has afforded me the opportunity to serve the youth on a daily basis. I would love to be elected on the governance board to be able to reach today’s youth through decision making that impact the future of our youth.

Mustafa Karadeniz

I am a parent of a sophomore at North Springs Charter High School.  I was voted to the School Governance Council by the current members three months ago, when a vacancy became available.  I am excited for the opportunity to continue the work that I started as a member of the council. As the Chair of the Communication and Outreach Committee, we are working to improve information flow between parents, teachers, and the governance council about school events such as the Governance Council elections.  One new initiative is setting up a meet-and-greet with the candidates so that voters will be able to make a more informed decision.  I am also a member of the Device Selection Committee which is paving the way for North Springs to move to a Personalized Learning and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) environment. I have worked as a member of the Fundraising Committee at Heards Ferry Elementary, the Technology Coordinator at a Cobb County charter school, and various other volunteer positions. As a father of three boys, I understand the importance of quality education. I am committed to ensuring that all of our students graduate with the tools and skills needed to succeed in a highly competitive world.

Maria Lee

I do not have any experience in a school based Governance Council however I am a nurse and have always remained an active member in my community. I have always been apart of each PTA/PTO organization from elementary to current High School with my children. I want to become more active in the direct improvement of our schools therefore this gives me a way to make a positive impact.

Brett Lowe

I am the parent of a current North Springs sophomore and an eighth grade future North Springs Spartan.  I am excited about the potential opportunity to enhance and optimize the educational experience for our children over the next two years via the Governance Board.  My goal on the Governance Board would be to work with the board, the administration and the community to best position North Springs and allow our students to realize their full potential in the exciting future they will encounter.   A major goal would be to work to continue to involve and integrate the tremendous business community we have in Sandy Springs.  I have lived in Atlanta since graduating in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech working in sales and technical roles for Cisco Systems, HP, and Compaq. These regional and global roles have required leadership, technical, and sales expertise in managing complex projects and customers with large financial impacts.  I have worked with both elementary and middle school students as a FIRST LEGO Robotics Coach and a leader in both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.    I look forward to the opportunity to serve with the board to provide the best education for our children.  Thank you for your consideration.

Miriam Salpeter

Our family has a lot vested in North Spring’s success. With three boys: a 9th grader at NSCHS, a 7th grader at Sandy Springs Charter Middle School (SSCMS) and a 4th grader at Dunwoody Springs Elementary School, I'll be the mom of a Spartan until 2024! I’ve participated in school governance for the past eight years, and look forward to using my experience to contribute as an active member of our Governance Council. Currently, I am the Communication Chair of the Sandy Springs Charter Middle School's Governance Council. In addition, I stay abreast of important issues facing North Springs by regularly attending NSCHS council meetings. Prior to being elected to the SSCMS Governance Council, I chaired the Governance Board at Dunwoody Springs Elementary School. I held executive and committee roles on PTA and launched the Dunwoody Springs PTA blog. I am also a business owner with a master’s degree from Columbia University and the author of seven books. I hope to use my expertise in the areas of social media, marketing, writing, editing and communication to assist the council in accomplishing its goals. I can flexibly adjust my schedule to attend meetings, participate in projects to help our school achieve our strategic objectives and respond to the community in a timely way. I look forward to partnering with Governance Council members, administration, faculty, staff, students and other parents to continue to create and share good news about our school with the community.


2016 Teacher Candidates - in alphabetical order are:  Gwen Kaminsky, Julia Raposo and Lee Williams


Gwen Kaminsky 

Hello. I am Gwen Kaminsky and I am a product of Fulton County Schools.  I earned a B.A. from UGA, and a law degree from New York University.  I earned my teaching certificate from Mercer University and my leadership certificate (up to superintendent) from Kennesaw State University.  I hold National Board Certification in History. I served as Social Studies Department Chair for four years. I have taught high school Social Studies for sixteen years--the past nine years here at North Springs.  As I consider North Springs to be my home, I am fully vested in making it the best it can be.  Like any "homeowner," I think it is time to renovate and refurbish.  First and foremost, I believe we must look to the foundation--the teachers-- for guidance and leadership.  For far too long, we have felt that we are afloat without a plan.  In order for North Springs to be the school we want and need it to be, we must take care of our teachers, and empower our teachers to take care of our students.  As a future parent of a North Springs student, I am determined to make this school the best place for teachers, students, and the community. I hope that you will vote for me for the teacher position on the School Governance Council for the 2016-2018 term.

Julia Raposo 

I’ve been at NS for 6 years, & have taught all grades of ELA, including ESOL, Honors, and On-level; this has allowed me to see the wide range of our students’ talents & abilities. Because of this, I strongly believe that every one of our students can succeed when given rigorous but supportive environments in which to learn. Currently, I run the AVID program, which prepares students in the academic middle to be successful in HS & college; I sponsor one of the most successful service and leadership clubs on our campus (21st Century Leaders), & I sponsored the student newspaper for 2 years. I was a finalist for TOTY & for the GA Innovators in Teaching Award (twice consecutively for both). I have led several PD sessions for our teachers on various topics, and I am on our school's Leadership team, PBIS team, Personalized Learning Team, and on Fulton County's Vanguard (Technology) Team. I became involved in these initiatives in order to fully understand the unique & complex world of NS, with the aim of affecting change from the inside. I’m the kind of person who believes that complaining about problems without suggesting solutions is toxic & a waste of time. I’ve grown to understand many of our school’s issues, & have participated as much as I can in helping to address them. Joining Governance Council would give me the opportunity to listen to all stakeholders, gain a deeper understanding of the challenges ahead, & continue to actively work towards improving our amazing school.


Lee Williams

Since 2010, I have taught nearly everything ELA has to offer, including 9th-12th grade Literature, Writer’s Workshop, Yearbook, and the AVID elective course.  Additionally, I served on the Governance Board during the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 school years in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the process and inner-workings related to public education. My interactions with the North Springs community, both in and out of the classroom, have allowed me to gain first-hand insight into the challenges and benefits of our school and our community. If elected to serve on the NS Governance Council, I plan to use my “voice” to influence positive change for all North Springs stakeholders. I’m not big on complaining for the sake of complaining; if something is worth complaining about, it’s worth taking the time to address it and change it for the better. North Springs has incredible potential, and I’m committed to working closely with all stakeholders in order for our school and our community to live up to that potential. Action is the greatest defense to the challenges we face. I choose to lead by example.









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