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Procedure statement

1) The policy will commence the 2013-14 year.

2) The policy only applies to juniors

3) The policy applies only to NSCHS dance magnet classes or those participating in GHSA varsity sports

4) Students should follow the process outlined below: a) On track to complete the requirements of Dance Magnet 3 or higher and/or currently participating in a Varsity Sport

b) Review and acknowledge procedures. Application packet and procedures are available on northspringshigh.com.

c) Bring completed application to counseling office, which includes the requirement to have the dance instructor or Varsity coach signature approval in advance.

d) Counselor will notify student of assigned fitness and written testing dates and locations.

e) PE Department Chair will sign application indicating whether the student passed or failed and either return to student or send to counselor office. Student must check with counselor’s office to confirm counselor’s office receives the documentation.

f) Students who do not pass both tests will be required to take the Personal Fitness class to meet graduation requirements.

5) Students will be notified that if they do not qualify by the end of student’s junior year, the student will be placed in the Personal Fitness class of the student’s senior year.

6) To earn the credit, the following people must have approved the application: (a) the relevant instructor (dance or varsity

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