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  1. Achieving an optimal level of fitness should give you more energy, better ability to deal with stress, and improve self image.
  2. Cardio respiratory fitness promotes good cholesterol levels. 
  3. Achieving flexibility can reduce body fat.
  4. Achieving muscular fitness can maintain and increase lean body mass.
  5. It is recommended that people accumulate a minimum of 30-60 minutes of moderate intensity activity every day.
  6. To achieve greater exercise benefits, young people need to participate in at least three 20 minute sessions of continuous moderate to vigorous activity per week.
  7. Moderate exercise should burn 150 calories per day.
  8. Cardio respiratory fitness can help lower blood pressure. 
  9. Controlling stress can reduce the risk of suicide.
  10. Achieving appropriate body composition cannot result in decreasing metabolic efficiency.
  11. In order to analyze your health, you must learn at least one test you can do for measuring each of the health- related areas of fitness.  You should know how to measure the results and how to interpret the results.
  12. The reason for testing is to determine your strengths and weakness.
  13. The results of your health fitness tests are evaluated by comparing it to criterion referenced standards.
  14. The ability to continue using certain muscles for a period of time is muscular endurance.
  15. The amount of force which can be exerted by a single contraction of a muscle is muscular strength.
  16. The ability to perform vigorous, large muscle exercise over a long period of time is called cardio respiratory endurance.
  17. Body composition is the percent of body weight which is fat compared to lean tissue.
  18. It is not more important to compete with others to see who has the best scores.
  19. The best time to measure your resting heart rate is upon waking in the mourning.
  20.  The pulse can be counted by applying light pressure to an artery. The best two places to take your pulse are radial and carotid arteries.
  21. Just knowing your weight can be misleading because the proportion of fat and muscles tissue is not indicated. Weight does not provide information on body fat evaluation.
  22. A 12 minute run is a test of cardiorespirtory fitness.
  23. The sit and reach test measures hamstring muscle flexibility. 
  24. The instrument used to measure hand strength is dynamotor.  The instrument used to measure skin fold is called calipers
  25. Curl-ups measures the level of muscular strength and endurance of abdominal muscles.
  26. Gradual increase of exercise is over a period of time is called progression.
  27. A sufficient warm- up should be 10 to 15 minutes, and the cool down should last 5 minutes statement is not true. You should continue the cool down until your heart rate in under 100 bpm.
  28. The principles of training are overload, progression, and specificity.
  29. The ability to move your body quickly from one point to another is speed. The 50 yard dash measures speed.
  30. The combination of strength and speed in a movement is power. The standing long jump measures power.
  31. The ability to maintain control of the body wile changing direction is agility. Agility is the necessary skill related components is measured by zig zag run.
  32. The yardstick test evaluates reaction time.
  33. Coordination is the ability to use the senses to produce smooth and accurate movements. The alternate hand wall toss test measures coordination. 
  34. Reaction time is the time required to start a movement after being alerted to the need for action.
  35. Control is not one of the principles of training.
  36. Increasing the difficulty of the exercise is called increasing intensity. 
  37. When performance levels out for a period of time, it is called plateau
  38. To improve cardio respiratory fitness, vigorous, continual workouts are recommended 3 – 5 per week.
  39.  Training combining two or more types of exercise in one workout is called cross training.
  40. You should try to get in shape as quickly as possible by pushing your body as hard as you can: FALSE.
  41. The three general ways you can overload your body through exercise are frequency, intensity, time.
  42. The minimum duration of an entire cardio respiratory workout should be 30 minutes.
  43. The procedure of systematically preparing a person in the most efficient manner to perform strenuous work: training.
  44. The degree of overload determines whether your workout was intense enough to produce a training effect.
  45. Signs of overtraining can include: feeling anxious, chronic fatigue, and loss of weight.
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