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We have lots of clubs- be sure to join!


 The ACDC- Architecture, Desgin and Construction Club is eager and ready  to sign up new members during Club Rush. See below for a list of the clubs our school offers and who to contact if you want to get involved! A full spread sheet is available on the link on the right.



Club Information


Anime Club

President: Khontaria Kennedy

Email: 18kennedy1998@gmail.com

Meeting Times: Tuesdays, after school


African American Life, History, and Culture Club

 President: Ilan Davis

Email: ilan.davis@yahoo.com

Meeting Times: Mondays/Wednesdays, 3:50-5:00 pm



President: Andries Payne

Email: andriespayne@gmail.com


Computer Science

President: Ben Cohen

Email: benjamincohen111@yahoo.com


Community Assisting Spartans

President: Sandra Kwan

Email: sandra.kwan3586@gmail.com

Meeting Times: Once a month


Chinese Culture Club

President: Ali Shindell

Email: alis1998@gmail.com


Chess Club

President: Devin Nash

Email: devinnash13@gmail.com


Conspiracy Club

President: Caroline Webster

Email: cweb1014@gmail.com


Digital Masterminds

President: Ethan Trant

Email: ethan.trant@gmail.com

Meeting Times: Wednesdays



President: Emily Nadel

Email: e.nadel145@gmail.com

Meeting Times: Afterschool and before


Flashmob Club

President: Jaida Johnson

Email:  Jada92@gmail.com

Meeting Times: Tuesday/Thursday


French Honors Society

President: Ayomide Odeboh

Email: aodeboh@gmail.com
Meeting Times: Once a month


Fashion Club

President: Nyelah Baptiste

Email: nyelahbaptise@gmail.com

Meeting Times: Every other Thursday afternoon



President: Arion Perkins

Email: brainiyack1@gmail.com


Food Fun Friday

President: Ashley Stadler

Email: Ashley11900@gmail.com


Fencing Club

President: Nathan Buffington


Girls with a purpose

President: Kyera Wright

Email: kyerawright@gmail.com



President: Manshi Baskaran

Email: manshibaskaran@gmail.com

Meeting Times: Tuesdays, once a month


Habitat for Humanity

President: Eric Abel

Email: eric.abel@gmail.com

Meeting Time: Biweekly


Interact Club

President: Anna Rappaport

Email: annarappaport99@gmail.com

Meeting Times: Every other Thursday @ 7:45am


Improv Troup

President: Miko Harper

Email: mikolatriceharper@gmail.com

Meeting Times: Wednesday Mornings


Jewish Culture Club

President: Rebecca Horn

Email:Rebecca Horn 


The Junto

President: Trevor Langill

Email: nsjunto@gmail.com

Meeting Times: Afterschool


Lady Spartans

President: Sequoya Carew

Email: sequoyacarew@gmail.com

Meeting Times: Monday/Thurs.


Latin Club

President: Chase Mcgrath

Email: chasemcgrath@gmail.com

Meeting Times: Tuesday


Math Team

President: Eric Miller

Email: ericnathanmiller@gmail.com


Math Honor Society

President: Ilene Tuck

Email: manshibaskaran@gmail.com


Model United Nations

President: Gidon Kowalsky


Meeting Times: Mondays, after school


Mind Support

President: Micaela Tatum

Email: tatummica@gmail.com

Meeting Times: Wednesday at 7:30


Mock Trial

President: Jake Bardack

Email: jakebardack@yahoo.com

Meeting Times: Tues/Sunday


North Springs Meming Society

President: Patrick Shea

Email: patrick.s3099@gmail.com

Meeting Times: First Tuesday of month


National Art Honor Society/Art Club

President: Ali Shindell

Email: alis1998@gmail.com


Open Hand Open Heart

President: Jared Rakusin

Email: jaredr15nschs@gmail.com


Pop Culture Association

President: Julia Hazell

Email: julesh8100@gmail.com

Meeting Times: Tuesday 3:30-5


Revolutionary Game and Design

President: Erek Karobeniz

Email: erekkarobeniz@gamil.com

Meeting Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays


Raising Awareness for Health Safety

President: Kalki Kukkala

Email: kalkikukkala@gmail.com

Meeting Times: Thursdays, 3:45-5:00 pm


Rocketry Club:

President: Kevin Hopper

Email: kevhopper42@gmail.com


Serve Sandy Springs

President: Jacob Cohen

Email: jacocbhwcohen@gmail.com

Meeting Times: First Tuesday of every month


Science National Honors Society 

President: Jessica Blakley

Email: blakleyjessica96@yahoo.com

Meeting Times: Thursday of every month


Sisters in Service

President: Kandis Lewis

Emails: kandislewis17@gmail.com

Meeting Times: Thursday 3:45


Spartan Rewards Club

President: Sequoya Carew


Meeting Times: Wed/Thurs


Spanish Honor Society

President: Tema Mahsam

Email: mahsamtema@gmail.com


Science Olympiad

President: Jonathan Lu

Email: jonathan.j.li@gmail.com


Sci Fi Club

President: Julia Hazell

Email: julesh8100@gmail.com


Sports Statistics

President: Mitchell Borher

Email: mibohrer3@gmail.com


Table Top Gaming

President: Sydney Emerson

Email: sydneyemerson@gmail.com


Thespian Society:

President: Carolyn Friedman

Email: carose0124@gmail.com



President: Manshi Baskaran

Email: manshibaskaran@gmail.com


Women in Technology

President:Flaine Wen

Email: e.y.wen6468@gmail.com


Yoga Club

President: David Glass
Email: dglass211@gmail.com

Meeting Times: Thursday 7:30 am


Youth Making a Change

President: Chassidy Brown

Email: chassidy.jordan101@gmail.com


Young Liberals for America

President: Matan Berman

Email: matanberman@gmail.com

​Some of the many clubs at

Club Rush


Spartan Mixa's 

Music Recording  



     Digital Master Minds

   Game Design 


FrazierSOTM_Sept16_Hum.jpg Women in Technology and

Computer Science Club



Anime Club 



Art Club 


NS- YLSS.png HOSA  and BETA Club 


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