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​I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this assignment

Students attest to the integrity of their work using the statement above with regularity and across the curriculum at Riverwood. Implemented in the fall of 2005, the Academic Integrity Policy, most often called The Honor Code, is a vital part of the school.

I . Purpose

Riverwood International Charter School is dedicated to the development of the whole student and believes in fostering academic integrity as a foundation for lifelong learning.

II. The Honor Code

As members of the Riverwood International Charter School community, we value and strive to uphold principles of honesty, trust, responsibility, respect for self and others, fairness and personal integrity.

III. Violations of the Honor Code

Violations of the Honor Code carry serious consequences and include, but are not limited to, any act which gives unfair academic advantage to a student, his or her grades or academic records. These acts include academic fraud, plagiarism, cheating, offering or using unauthorized assistance or sources in the completion of class assignments, homework, projects, and tests, and the refusal to comply with the requirements of the Riverwood Testing Environment.

IV. Personal Honor Verification

Students are expected to affix to all academic work as directed and at the discretion of the teacher, the following verification: “I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this assignment,” followed by the student’s signature.

V. Reporting Violations of the Honor Code

The teacher shall notify the student and their parent/guardian as soon as practicable of the violation of the Honor Code and the classroom consequence, as well as the Curriculum Assistant Principal. Students may report violations of the Honor Code to teachers or the Curriculum Assistant Principal, or may anonymously report violations using the Academic Integrity link on the Riverwood website. Anonymity and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed but will be protected to the maximum extent possible. All violations of the Honor Code will be investigated by the Curriculum Assistant Principal.

Once an Honor Code Violation report has been submitted, all questions regarding the policy and process should be directed to the Curriculum Assistant Principal.

VI. Appeal

A student accused of an Honor Code violation may appeal and must complete and submit within five days an appeal request form. The Curriculum Assistant Principal will meet with the student and/or parent to discuss the appeals process. The student is entitled to copies of the Academic Integrity Policy, the Honor Code Violation, the teacher’s statement, and any applicable materials regarding the violation.

VII. Honor Council

The Honor Council is comprised of four members of the faculty and a member of the counseling staff. The Honor Council carefully evaluates each appeal and determines whether to uphold or overturn the Honor Code Violation.

VIII. Sanctions

Sanctions range from a failure on the assignment to a chance to resubmit the assignment with or without penalty, depending on the nature of the assignment. Honor Code violations are entered in the student’s discipline record as an academic offense and may or may not be reported to the post-secondary institutions. Students may also be ineligible for school awards, recognition, and scholarships, and leadership roles and participation in school organizations and athletic teams.


​Direct any ​questions or comments regarding the Honor Code to Diane Kopkas (KopkasD@fultonschools.org), or any other member of the Administrative Team.

To report suspected violations of the Academic Integrity Policy, contact Diane Kopkas (KopkasD@fultonschools.org​),​ or any other member of the Administrative Team.


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