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Fulton County Schools Student Health Services adopted new guidelines in 2010 regarding High School students carrying certain medications. The rules are different for Middle School and Elementary School students. 

Effective December 2010, High School students MAY carry the following Over the Counter medications during the school day, on school field trips, or during other school activities:  Acetaminophen, Antacids, Anacin, Cough or Throat Lozenges, Ibuprofen, Midol, or Oral Antihistamines. 

All other medications require either an Authorization to Carry form (SHS2) on file in the clinic, or must be secured in the School Clinic with a completed Authorization to Give Medicine form on file (SHS1)


Authorization to Give Medicine at School (SHS1)
Students needing to take prescription or non-prescription drugs during the school day must bring the medicine in a properly marked container along with a completed authorization form to the school clinic.
Visit the Fulton County Schools website, Student Health Services page, to download authorization forms


Authorization to Carry Medicine at School (SHS2)
Students needing to carry a prescription inhaler, EpiPen, insulin, or other approved medication, must complete the following form and supporting documentation and bring to the school clinic.
Visit the Fulton County Schools website, ​Student Health Services page, to download the authorization forms


Fulton County Schools Student Health Services Resources page

Fulton County Schools (FCS) does not provide student accident insurance for students and FCS is not liable for student injuries/accidents. If students are not covered under a parent's or guardian's major medical plan, or some other medical program such as Medicaid or PeachCare, etc., the student is not covered for injuries/ accidents and medical attention could be delayed and/or interrupted. This program is being offered as a convenience to parents and is being provided solely as a service. Parents with questions may contact the Fulton County Schools Risk Management Department at 470-254-2180.

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