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The English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program at Riverwood is a support program offered to all English language learners (ELL) who meet the testing eligibility criteria. The program aids the success of the English language learner in the English-speaking classroom. The goals are for students to be successful in the five language skills (speaking, writing, listening, reading, and comprehension) both socially and academically and to enjoy their experience in a new culture and school.

The students are served through scheduled ESOL class periods, push-in, and/or sheltered classes. Additional support is given to the ELLs through smaller class size, before and after school tutoring, an ESOL Para-professional who assists teachers and students in the ESOL classrooms, and a Bilingual (Spanish-English) Parent Liaison who assists the entire school to better communicate with the ELLs and their parents.

Identification of ELLs:

An English language learner (ELL) is one whose native/first/dominant language is not English. Every parent/guardian completes a three-question home language survey which is part of the Fulton County registration form. The answers to the following questions help determine if there is the influence of a language other than English:

1. What is the language the student first learned to speak (Primary Language)?

2. What language does the student speak at home (Home Language)?

3. In what language does the student communicate most often (Correspondence Language)?

If a language other than English is indicated, then the student is tested using the W-Apt for initial placement and then ACCESS for annual placement into the ESOL program. 


The following courses are available to students in the English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program:

 ESOL  Duration  Credit  Prerequisite
 Communication Skills 1  YR  1.0  NONE
Oral Communication in Content Areas  YR  1.0  NONE
Reading and Listening in the Content Areas YR  1.0  NONE
Communication Skills II  YR  1.0 Communication Skills I
ESOL 9th Grade Composition and Literature YR 1.0 NONE
ESOL 10th Grade Composition and Literature YR 1.0  ESOL 9th Grade Comp/Lit
Sheltered American Lit/Composition  YR 1.0  ESOL 10th Grade Comp/Lit 
12th Grade Composition and Literature ESOL YR 1.0 ESOL 11th Grade Comp/Lit 
Tools & Resources

The Tutorium in Intensive English provides many resources for those learning English: 

Another useful link is: 

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