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Summer 2013:  Riverwood Students Visit Japan        Spring 2014:  Japanese Students Visit Riverwood

Raiders in Japan, Summer 2013 


Sixteen Riverwood students were guests of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for a summer study tour. Riverwood was one of only six high schools in the United States chosen to participate in the eleven day trip.  The Summer 2013 KAKEHASHI project (the Bridge for Tomorrow) was fully funded by the Japanese government.  In return, the KAKEHASHI project sent Japanese High School students to Atlanta in March, 2014.

Japanese Students visit from Chienkan High School, March 24, 2014

The exchange of ideas and cultures happened throughout the visit, beginning with the Japanese students’ presentations in the Auditorium about their high school experiences and traditions. Attending a variety of elective classes engaged both the visiting and host students and encouraged sincere interactions. In the Drawing and Painting Class, Ms. Munson easily incorporated the students into an assignment on still life portrayals. In Drama, Ms. Van der Hoek paired students to work on improvisation and mirroring -- "follow the leader" has no language barrier! In the gym, Coach Berryman organized students into badminton and ping pong teams. A highlight of the day was Chef Oliver's Culinary Arts Class demonstration of how to make peach cobbler and iced tea, of course providing taste tests!

The day was a valuable experience for Riverwood students and faculty, exemplifying the IB educational framework. The Riverwood students truly embraced the Japanese students and their culture. Their caring open-mindedness was evident to everyone involved.

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