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Enter a home address into the ​school distr​ict's online portal (link) to find the correct bus number and route information. 

Please also assume on the first few days of school that the times shown are approximate. The bus could be (and probably will be) 10 - 15 minutes before or after the indicated time.

Magnet Students catch the bus at their HOME school

Fulton County Schools Transportation Contact for the Riverwood Cluster Schools
Mr. Ian Montfort  (montfort@fultonschools.org) or 470-254-6088

Please be aware that the following items are not permitted on school buses while transporting students at dismissal:
  • cello kettle drum
  • string bass tuba
  • bass drum baritone saxophone
  • tenor bass Sousaphone
  • field drum (10" x 14" or larger) baritone horn
  • guitar contrabass clarinet
  • concert xylophone (Other than the compact vibraharp LaBlanc #340)
Smaller instruments that can be carried in a student's lap will be allowed; larger instruments may not be allowed to be transported depending on the space availability for each individual bus.

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On Campus Student Parking
Only Juniors and Seniors may apply for parking permits
Parking Permit Information​


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