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The Raider Writing Center is in Room 2262
Open during all lunches and 
Wednesday mornings at 7:45am​
​Entering its fifth year, the Writing Center is open during all lunch periods every school day and Wednesday mornings before school at 7:45am. 

Let's Talk About Love Friday, February 14, 2020
Raider Writing Center, Room 2262
During all lunches
A joint effort between the Writing Center and the Black Student Union for Black History Month, "Let's Talk About Love" is an open conversation for all students. Topics include love between different communities, love in society in general, and love within the school. 

What is the Writing Center?
​Every student​ can receive peer coaching and assistance with assignments in any course. Peer coaches receive training at Kennesaw State University using the Bedford Guide for Writing.  

Students should complete the Writing Center Student​​ Request Form prior to visiting the Writing Center. Having the form completed in advance will ensure the most productive use of time during the help session.

Students will need to obtain a hall pass to visit the Writing Center.​

Contact the Writing Center via email: RaiderWriting@gmail.com

Follow the Writing Center on Twitter (@​Raide​rWC_) and​ Instagram (raiderwc_)

Raider Literary Magazine Reveal April 2019
THE GLAIVE is the Raider Writing Center’s very own Literary Magazine with contributions from Jesus Montoya, John McLendon, Isabella Newstead, Samantha Johnson, Nailah Jenkins, Mitchell Davidson, Gianna Vazquez, Rachel Menikoff, Hannah York, Finn Shuster, Elle Mezzio, Ty Thompson, Oliver Davidson, Chandler McCleskey, Michelle Stanek, Noa Nieves, and Gracie Hirsch.
        Visit the Glaive website to read the first edition (link)

The Raider ​Writing Center Club​:  DOXA
The Doxa* student club, sponsored by the Raider Writing Center, offers the opportunity to work with other students to write short, opinionated pieces about any social issue. Students may choose to send their opinion pieces to newspapers and websites for publication. Stop by Room 2262 for more information
*Doxa, a Greek word meaning common belief or popular opinion


Writing Center Information

Writing Center Website
​Writing Center Brochure
Writing Center Student Request Form
Instagram (raiderwc_)
Twitter (@​Raide​rWC_)​
Faculty Coordinator:  Christy Toledano
​​Advisory Board
The Advisory Board meets monthly during the school year, usually the last Friday of each month, at 7:30am. The board includes faculty, administration, students, a member of the Kennesaw State University Writing Center staff, and other outside advisors. ​

Interested in joining the Board? Contact Faculty Coordinator Christy Toledano (Tole​dano@fultonschools.org​​)

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