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RHS Club Roster 2017-18






​Meeting Location

Academic Bowl

Mr. Waldroup

To prepare for and represent the school in academic
trivia competitions.

Friday afternoons, 3:45-5:30
pm; potentially other times
as well for JV practice


Beta Club

Ms. E. Kennedy, Ms. LaRossa

Beta Club is a nationally-recognized organization that
seeks to improve our school and community through
service projects.

As needed (usually 2-3
meetings per semester)


Bible Study Club

Mr. Waldroup

To grow in the Christian faith by studying the Bible. To
be presented mature in Christ.

Wednesdays, 7:45 am

Black Student Union

Ms. Coffie

To foster an environment of inclusion for those
students who feel disconnected from the RHS

Every Wednesday morning
from 7:45-8:15


Bombshell Beauty

Ms. Lavender

To promote, inspire, and celebrate outer and inner

After School once a month

Chemistry Club

Ms. Chilton

Our objective is to perform exciting as well as
educational experiments, and exploring our love for
chemistry outside of the classroom.

One Wednesday a month
from 3:30 to 4:30


Cinema Club

Mr. Shackelford

To watch and appreciate as well as discuss current
movies but especially the Marvel Universe franchise.

3:45-4:45 on Wednesdays
​Congressional Youth Council
Ms. Estevez​To engage youth in political process​
It varies, we have guest
speakers and to prepare we
meet at least once or twice

​Mr. Granville
Provide an inclusive, cooperative, and respectful forum
to organize students, faculty, and parents so that they
are, together, better able to address all facets of
reform within the United States K-12 educational
​7:45 AM Tuesdays

Cure Club

Ms. Kemper

Cure Club has the goal of donating money to selected
cancer charities. Our goal is to raise money and
awareness for cancer organizations and research within
Roswell High School.

First Monday of the month
​Dance Team
Ms. Porter & Ms. Mordecai​
To promote school spirit by performing dances at pep
rallies, sporting events, and other appropriate events.

​Monday 3:45 - 5:00

Debate Club

Ms. Goddard

To practice and build public speaking and debate skills.

Thursdays after school

Environmental Club

Ms. Glover

To raise awareness about environmental issues and to
encourage others to live sustainably.

Wednesday, after school

FCS Tech Comp

Ms. Swearingen & Mr. Jones

The FCS Technology Competition is held by Fulton
County Schools and encourages students to enter this
annual event. The Technology Competition awards
students by grade level and project category. The FCS
Technology Competition allows students to use
technology skills in a competitive nature. The first place
winners at the FCS Technology Competition progress to
the State of Georgia Technology Competition.



Ms. Pappas

Fencing teaches agility, focus, and problem solving.
Members learn and enhance fencing skills, build team
spirit, and connect with other teams.

Wednesday 3:45-6:30


Ms. Chilton

To provide local mission opportunities for high school
students to saturate their communities with the heart
and hands of Christ.

1st Thursday of every month
at 7:40


Fly Fishing Club

Ms. Garrity

The Fly Fishing Club objective's is to meet and organize
fishing trips and hopefully start up a competitive club
where we can compete in fishing competitions.


Friends Club

Ms. Mobley & Ms. Lazardi

Friends Club is an organization that provides
opportunities for special education students to
participate in after school activities with their general
education peers. These activities include attending RHS
sporting events, holiday themed dinners, and more.

​Frisbee Club
Mr. Lee​
Fun co-ed opportunity for outdoor activity. To teach
fundamentals of Ultimate Frisbee

Wednesday after school
​Gamer's Lounge
Mr. Ahmed​Play games, make friends, have fun.​​Tuesdays 3:30-4:45

Gay-Straight Alliance

Mr. McElvaney & Ms. Volpert

Anti-bullying initiatives and positive learning
environment support for LGBTQ students and their

7:50am every Tuesday

German NHS

Ms. Otte

The German National Honor Society promotes German
language learning at RHS, organizes tutoring and other
activities for German students

Friday mornings

Habitat for Humanity

Ms. Jones

Participate & support in local Habitat for Humanity



Ms. Hunter

Health Occupation Students of America promote
healthcare career paths for students.



Ms. Pierce  & Ms. Porter

To support the Roswell Rotary Club and help in various
community service events.

1st & 3rd Wednesdays of
each month


Investa Club

Ms. Estevez

Teaching young adults how to invest $$ for their future
Every 2 weeks

Japanese NHS

Ms. Onuki

Recognize and encourage scholastic achievement and
excellence in Japanese study by working with teachers
and administrators to develop and maintain high
standards of Japanese language education and
promoting cultural activities.

Once a month

Key Club

Ms. Boyd & Ms. Omen

With the support of the Roswell Kiwanis Club, Key Club
looks to encourage volunteerism, philanthropy, and
community throughout RHS and the Roswell

​Language Fusion Club
​Ms. Bell, Ms. Kempf, Ms. Grant, Ms. Onuki & Ms. Otte
To share and explore cultural experiences and learning languages outside the classroom​Twice a month, announced each month​

Math Team

Mr. Brown

Students compete in a variety of mathematics
competitions throughout the school year

2nd Tuesday of each month,


Mu Alpha Theta

Ms. Kennedy

We provide math tutoring for RHS students throughout
the school year.

Every Wednesday, 7:45 - 8:15

​Art NHS
​Ms. Knowles
Participate in art and leadership opportunities within
our school and community.

​After school

National Eng. HS

Ms. Allegood

Encourage the love of literature in students.

Tuesdays, 7:45 (tentative)
​French NHS
Ms. Kempf​To promote the French language and culture.​Every other Friday- 7:45 am​​E127

National HS

Ms. Gaffigan

The purpose of this organization shall be to create
enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to
render service, to promote leadership, and to develop
character in the students of secondary schools. NHS
promotes and provides leadership development
opportunities to prepare and empower students to
serve their schools and communities.

7:45 -8 am once a month,
2nd Thursday

​RHS Superhero Club
​Ms. Garrity
The objective of our club is to provide students who
enjoy film and tv shows to have a place to come
together to have discussions and explore fan theories.
Tuesdays 7:45-8:15​D112​
​RHS Computing Club
​Mr. Lee
To offer a venue for students to share computing ideas
and exploration. To plan and manage the HourOfCode
at RHS!
​Mondays after school

Roswell Robotics

Mr. Bishop

“To inspire students to pursue educational and career
opportunities in science, technology and engineering
through competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition”

Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30 -

​Roswell United
Ms. Chilton​
Our objective is to create a space for everyone to come
as they are and worship freely and spend time with
good people.

Friday mornings at 7:20​

Science NHS

Ms. Glover

To tutor students and offer assistance to science
teachers setting up labs.

Meets one time at the
beginning of each semester
to organize help for the
semester. Students act as
tutors and are available to
meet anywhere on campus,
any day of the week.


Skills USA

Ms. Funderburk & Ms. Lavender

Skills USA is a career and technical organization for
students to have the opportunity to hold leadership
positions and compete in their area of expertise.

3rd Tuesday of each month

​Social Acceptance Club
​Ms. Bissett
To bring people together make a safe place for all no 
matter what the situation they are in or went through.
A place others can work hand in hand and get the help
they need either mentally socially or academically.
​Tuesday after school 3:30-5:00

Spanish NHS

Ms. Player

Service to Spanish speaking communities and students
in Spanish classes.

Thursdays after school

Step Team

Ms. Washington

To showcase the art of step dancing as a form of
exercise and entertainment

Monday, Wednesday
​The Nestwork
Ms. Huss​
We would like to increase the number of students to
help with Nestwork projects.

Before school​​AA21

Theater Troupe

Ms. Stern

Celebrate the art of Theatre. Learn new skills and make
new friends. We will also prepare for our annual trip to
The Georgia Thespian Conference

Tuesdays 3:45- 4:45

Tri-M Honor Music Soc.

Ms. White

To enrich not only our community, but the blossoming
minds of high school musicians and to provide them an
outlet for service, creativity, and leadership.



Ms. Hunter
We aim to raise money and awareness for children
around the world that do not have access to basic living
necessities such as clean water, food, and medicine.

2 Thursdays a month @ 7:55
​Will to Live
​Mr. Ahmed & Ms. Volpert
The Will to Live Foundation is all about creating a safe
place for students to talk about issues that they may be
facing. We want to focus on preventing teen suicide by
improving the lives of teenagers in our school through
education about mental health and encouraging them
to recognize the love and hope that exists in each

7:45 & 3:40​

Young Democrats

Ms. Estevez

To mobilize young people to participate in the electoral
process to elect Democrats and advocate for
progressive issues

Thursday Mornings 7:50 am

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