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Department Mission

The Visual and Performing Arts Magnet Program is committed to preparing today’s student to becoming a productive, responsible, and self-reliant citizen ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s technological and multicultural society. Students are encouraged to explore the full range of their discipline in a collaborative and nurturing environment which meets the highest standards of academic and professional arts training.

Program Overview

The Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) Magnet Program at Tri-Cities High School was launched in 1990. The program is designed for motivated students who possess an interest in the areas of music, visual arts, dance, drama, or television production. Gifted young artists receive highly specialized training in the arts while earning a high school diploma. The creation of the VPA Magnet Program at Tri-Cities High School is one of the best efforts by any high school in the Southeast to correlate an academic program with concentrated training in both the visual and performing arts.

Program Description

The Visual and Performing Arts Magnet Program at Tri-Cities High School offers classes and experiences not offered in traditional high schools. The program promotes learning and provides experiences to motivate students to excel in the academics as well as the arts. It is the goal of the Visual and Performing Arts Program to assist students in developing to their fullest potential. The instructional program at Tri-Cities High School provides a comprehensive high school education with full preparation for college admission. Honors and advanced placement classes, independent study, and experimental opportunities stimulate academic and artistic growth. Problem-solving and creative growth are encouraged throughout the curriculum as well as in studios, workshops, master classes and collaborative cross-disciplinary student projects. Business skills related to management of professional work in the arts are also incorporated into the curriculum. Challenge is sustained in the learning process through individualizing the curriculum.


1. To provide a full education experience in the visual and performing arts though a variety of course offerings and experiences.

2. To promote academic excellence and appreciation of the arts.

3. To enhance the student’s self-esteem.

4. To assist students in reaching their potential.

5. To extend career awareness as well as career opportunities for students in the magnet program.

6. To increase parent involvement through parent-support groups.

7. To develop partnerships and intern programs for magnet students.

8. To prepare students to become productive, responsible and self-reliant citizens ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s technological and multicultural society.​


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