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           2017 - 2018 New Student Registration

New student registration for the 2017-18 school year will begin May 1, 2017 
BY APPOINTMENT.  Please contact Unnur Kornmayer, Registrar, to schedule:  
kornmayer@fultonschools.org , or 470-254-8244.  There will also be registration days during the summer on Tuesday, June 27, Tuesday, July 18, Thursday, July 20, Tuesday, July 25, Thursday July 27 and Monday, July 31.  Please click here to schedule an appointment.


More information can be found under the Parent tab, Registration and Forms.

Please note that rising 6th graders coming from our feeder elementary schools, already scheduled to attend AMMS, do not need to register. 

You will be required to provide residency verification documentation at Sneak Preview (will also be accepted at  the Rising 6th Grade Parent Night, July 26, 2017). http://www.fultonschools.org/en/divisions/acd/supportserv/Pages/

Any updated immunization documentation available prior to May 25, 2017 should 
be given to the elementary schools. 


Summer Reading


reading list.gif

6th Grade Summer Reading List

7th and 8th Grade Summer Reading List


We are proud to introduce the AMMS Summer Reading initiative.  While OPTIONAL, it is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED! Research has shown that reading over the summer is one of the best things students can do to help retain knowledge. To that end, we would like to strongly encourage all students to read AT LEAST one novel from our comprehensive list over the summer. If a student wants to read a book that is not on the list, simply email grade level teacher listed below for approval.

We will have an assignment related to their choice novel in the first three weeks of school. If a student does not have the opportunity to read during the summer, there will be time in those first three weeks to choose and read a novel.

While reading, students should consider: character development, theme, and plot structure. We've also included some fun enrichment activities you can do over the summer to keep your children engaged in learning.

If you have questions or concerns, please email :
wagoner@fultonschools.org (Barbara Wagoner - 6th Grade)
butlerrob@fultonschools.org (Robin Butler - 7th Grade)
clevenstine@fultonschools.org (Adam Clevenstine - 8th Grade)

9th Grade Honors Literature
Summer Reading Assignment​

​In preparation for 9th grade honors literature and composition, students are required to complete a summer reading assignment. We want summer reading to serve the dual purpose of providing an enjoyable reading experience while also giving students a basic framework for the higher level literary discussions that will take place in our honors courses. The ultimate goal for our future honors freshmen is to read, stretch, and arrive in the fall with a foundation in the literary devices, universal themes, and analytical skills that will be expanded on throughout the school year. Please review the assignment materials as well as the supplementary instructions for annotating a novel.

English 9H Summer Assignment
How to Annotate
Summer Reading Annotation Example 

Digital Forms
and Information​
Newsletters, Newscasts,
and Blogs

All Digital Forms for students are listed below.

2017-2018 Basic Supply List

AMMS Back to School Form – Complete this form online. The form includes Code of Conduct, Internet Acceptable Use, Google Apps and Internet Resources forms all in one form.  This form only needs to be completed once per family. This form requires both parent AND student(s) signatures.

Personalized learning Device Permission form - Complete this form online. This form is required to be completed by both students and parents. This form outlines the parent and student responsibilities. This form requires both parent AND student(s) signatures.


Digital Compass – Students play Common Sense Media's Digital Compass Simulation. Students can play online or install the app on any device. The simulation can take up to 10 hours, however it does not have to be completed in one sitting.


Digital Citizenship QuizComplete this quiz online after exploring Digital Compass.

Questions? Email Andrea Rioux, Instructional Technology Specialist, riouxa@fultonschools.org

The Lion's Roar​

7th Grade

6th Grade

Team Kimba

Team Oshana

Team Zambezi

Team Kesari

Team Rafiki


 The Morning Roar
(morning announcements)



The Road to Success

Student Transition Blog

Forgotten Items Policy​
​It is the students responsibility to check the front office for all forgotten items (homework, lunch, lunch money, books, etc.). The office WILL NOT interrupt classes to notify a student that an item is at the school. Parents may drop the item in the front office, place the student’s name on the white board in front of the cafeteria and the student will either check the office between classes or see their name on the white board at lunch.
Be a Media Center Volunteer!​

Volunteers are needed for the rest of the school year.  You may pick the days and choose times that are convenient to your schedule within the school day and week. Some volunteers choose t​o come in every week, some come in every other week or even once a month.  Click on the link below for more specific instructions.   Thank you so much for your time!

Media Center Volunteer Sign-Up link

Online Learning Options​

Information about the options for online learning for middle school and high schools is posted here.

Student Crisis Assistance​

Should you or someone you know need quick assistance with mental health, drugs or alcohol issues, please contact the Georgia Crisis and Access Line, 1-800-715-4225.  The hotline is available 24 hours, 7 days a week if you or someone you know:

  • threatens to or talks about hurting or killing themselves
  • feels hopeless
  • feels rage or uncontrolled anger
  • feels trapped, like there is no way out
  • engages in recklass behaviors
  • increases alcohol or drug use
  • withdraws from friends or family
  • feels anxious, agitated or unable to sleep
  • encounters dramatic mood changes
  • sees no reason for living

Learn more at www.jcmentalwellness.org or on the Johns Creek Mental Wellness Facebook page.

To learn about Fulton County based programs, services, or resources for children and youth with behavioral health disorders, please contact the Fulton County Oak Hill Child, Adolescent, and Family Center at (404) 612-4111, or visit their website at www.oakhillkids.org.


































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