All About Me

My name is Chase Bennett, I live in Roswell Ga. I go to Haynes bridge and I have a very bipolar personality. I love sports; Iím kind of a jock but not exactly. I myself love to code and program things to my liking; I love to edit code and just everything about code. Code is honestly the only reason I have done this website. Iím not that social of a person but I am in a way. I'm kind of an anti-social, I would rather be at home then go to a party and be social with the friends I have, itís weird I know but thatís just me. I also love to play games, I believe games bring people out of their personal shell and allow them to experience different things you can do while playing a game, I think it also brings out creativity and uniqueness. I am 15 years old and I love my life besides the everyday drama of school and people. For my career I am wanting to be in The United States Marine Corp. simple because I love my country and the people in it. No matter how messed up people say this country is, we're still number one for a reason, dedication to strive to be the best and succeed. I canít imagine me doing anything else but that except when I get to college I do want to study engineering for later on in life. I believe Iím not normal in any way, I'm different, but who isn't? Everyone has a unique feature about them, no matter how deep down it may be. I honestly donít like school but I like the theory of it, I think that I should be pushed to do more, I may not do my work as much as I should but that's because it bores me to tears, not really but you know what I mean. I love to get my mind across, I tend to not think about what I say before I say it so I may come across as active and playful and maybe a little annoying to other people but I love the way I am and wouldnít change for anyone.