What is Code?

Code or more commonly called Syntax is a very complicated way to do a simple task, almost like a Rube Goldberg machine. The reason i say it's like a Rube Goldberg machine is because you have to write a long series of number or letters to make a simple job for a computer to do. with out code, we wouldnt have internet, our favor games, or even the everyday things in life like an alarm clock to a lamp. All of these things run on code, like this webpage runs on HTML. Without it you couldnt read this amazing and informational page about code. Before a lamp is made, people have to code exactly what they want the lamp to do, turn on, turn off, or enter strobe mode which allowes it to turn on and off quickly for concerts.

What Can Code Do?

Code can do anyhting your heart desires. Seriously you can do anything. i can make this text move from right to left, i can make you click a button and have an explosion on the screen then make it go back to normal. As i said before you can do anyhting with code, but is there really a limit to what you can do? Well, in a way yes. For you to be able to use the code, people have to code the code to allow you to make it work correctly. Confusing right, well its not that hard to understand either, it would just take me ages to explain. Other examples of code are Javascript, Java C#, Java C++, Python, Binary, and Ruby. All of these languages do different things and are used in different ways. The famous game series Call of Duty uses Java C++ as well as Java C#, these masters of the language are able to create a virtual game that is so realistic it captures the movement and images of life and put it into a vitual world for you to enjoy as you please.

Samples of Code.

The Below picture uses two languages combined into one program, what's the program do you say? Well these lines of syntax use Javascript and HTML to make this page of my website, well part of it. The section you see in red is HTML while the text in green uses Javascript to make the menu bar. As for the title above i made it move from right to left uing a code called "marquee". Without certain codes in a page, the pages just look dull and boring. Now, who would want that?