What Does It Mean To Be Cool?

Everyone wants to be cool. But what is cool? "Basically, cool means to remain calm even under stress. But this doesnít explain why there is now a global culture of cool. What is cool, and why is it so cool to be cool? The aesthetics of cool developed mainly as a behavioral attitude practiced by black men in the United States at the time of slavery. Slavery made necessary the cultivation of special defense mechanisms which employed emotional detachment and irony. A cool attitude helped slaves and former slaves to cope with exploitation or simply made it possible to walk the streets at night. During slavery, and long afterwards, overt aggression by blacks was punishable by death. Provocation had to remain relatively inoffensive, and any level of serious intent had to be disguised or suppressed. So cool represents a paradoxical fusion of submission and subversion. Itís a classic case of resistance to authority through creativity and innovation."


Why do we say cool?

We generally say the word cool to sound, well, cool. But why exactly do we say it? Most of the time people say this magical word that can make them sound popular/out there/hip. But what do those words mean. Well to be cool to teens means to do something new, something that no one else has ever done, and to impress people. But what about to parents and to people out of school? To these people, being cool depends on your lifestyle and beliefs on life. So therefore, most people say cool to give a hint or tell someone that they like something or someone in general.

Background info on cool

This a picture shows us the time and place of when and what people generally thought was cool. The word cool came from the origin of West Africa in the fifteenth century. The Yoruba language has a great word, Itutu, meaning physical beauty, but also being calm and detached from your curcumstances almost unnaturally so. a similar concept come from the itialian origin of Sprezzatura, this was a way of behaving favored by the wealthy class of the fifteenth century italy.