What inspired you to do this project?

What inspired me to create this project is the fact that I was tired of people telling me I canít do something. Everyday I feel as if Iím faced with this problem, but I just wanted a shot to show people that i can do something amazing. I love to write code, solve problems, and issues that Iím faced with. It's a passion, a love, a strive, I guess you could call it to make something, I can show off and people can just be in amazement of what I am able to do.

Describe the steps you took to create your production.

I took many steps in creating this website, surprisingly it wasnít an easy task to write all of the code and make sure it worked before I brought it in. Basically what I did was I drew an outline of what I wanted to create, then I created the skeleton of the website, all the features and what not and then I went in and added the guts the website. As I did all of these steps I tried out my website many times to check for imperfections, and when I when I liked what I saw, I was done.

What would you like the judges to know about your project?

I would love the judges to take in consideration of how much time and effort i took into this project I have presented to them. It wasnít a several day task; It was almost a week of work that I took pride in doing.

Were there any challenges to creating your project?

Yes, there were many problems I have ran into and fixed that it would blow your mind. Knowing most of HTML, it wasnít that hard but they have updated HTML and several things have changed so i did have to edit them to fit the right syntax codes.

What have you learned from producing this media project?

I have learned from this project that it takes true heart and dedication to create a professional website like Facebook. I know my website isnít the greatest thing out there but it did take hard work and a lot of dedication to do this project and I really have learned that you have to work hard to strive in life and to be successful.