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Teacher Name Teacher Email Address Voice Mail Box Grade Level or Content Area
Artis, Stephanie E ArtisS@fultonschools.org 203 7th Grade Teacher
Bement, Deborah Bement@fultonschools.org 208 IRR Teacher
Bennett, Sandra Bennetts@fultonschools.org 281 TAG Teacher
Bidwell, Robert bidwellr@fultonschools.org 206 8th Grade Teacher
Boglione, Katie boglione@fultonschools.org North Metro Teacher
Boldus, Dani-sue Boldus@fultonschools.org 212 TAG Teacher
Brand, Stephanie brands@fultonschools.org 240 TAG Teacher
​Bryan, Ayumibryana@fultonschools.org ​IRR Teacher
Callaway, Dr. Phillip callawaypr@fultonschools.org 245 World Language Teacher
Chang, Dr. Chris chang@fultonschools.org 234 Band
Clark, Anne ClarkA3@fultonschools.org 219 6th Grade Teacher
Cojocaru, Alice cojocaru@fultonschools.org Orchestra
Cole, Adamcolea@fultonschools.org214Chorus
Connell, Marcie connellm@fultonschools.org 260 IRR Teacher
​Davis, Cathydavisc3@fultonschools.org​IRR Teacher
Davis, Jeff davisja@fultonschools.org 257 TAG Teacher
​Davis, Sherlynndaviss1@fultonschools.orgGraduation Coach
Dowell, Ashylynn dowella@fultonschools.org 259 8th Grade Teacher
Duncan, Ondrian​duncan@fultonschools.org​Art Teacher
Farooqi, Aysha farooqia@fultonschools.org 270 TAG Teacher
Fore, Kevin Fore@fultonschools.org North Metro Teacher
​Garmon, Ericgarmone@fultonschools.org​6th Grade Teacher
Greb, Scott grebs@fultonschools.org 227 SCMI Teacher
Grube, Chad grube@fultonschools.org 229 Connections Teacher
Gunner, Colleen gunnerc@fultonschools.org 207 Connections Teacher
Hall, Alison halla2@fultonschools.org 204 Speech Therapist
Henderson, Tonya hendersont@fultonschools.org 216 IRR Teacher
Hendrix, Mary Ward hendrixm@fultonschools.org IRR Teacher
​Herrera, Kathieherrerak@fultonschools.org ​IRR Teacher
Hesford, Thomas hesfordt@fultonschools.org 233 Physical Education Teacher
Hilpertshauser, Anita


SCMI Teacher
Hicks, Jenny mailto:keiger@fultonschools.org 222 World Language Teacher
Hire, Natalie hiren@fultonschools.org 228 Speech Therapist
Hooks, Carter hooksc@fultonschools.org 250 8th Grade Teacher
Isabell, Susieisabell@fultonschools.org​258 ​TAG Teacher
Johnson, Caroline johnsoncw@fultonschools.org 221 TAG Teacher
Karp, Jessica karp@fultonschools.org 150 Media Specialist
​Keiger, Jenny (Hicks)keiger@fultonschools.org​222​World Language Teacher
Lafoon, Tammy Lafoon@fultonschools.org 238 6th Grade Teacher
Laravea, Kim laraveak@fultonschools.org 230 SCMI Teacher
Lee, Myra leem3@fultonschools.org 205 6th Grade Teacher
​Libengood, Emilylibengood@fultonschools.org ​North Metro Teacher
​Mason, Neshamasonn@fultonschools.org ​IRR Teacher
​McCarthy, Mattmccarthym1@fultonschools.org​Connections Teacher
Moultrie, Veronica Moultrie@fultonschools.org 247 Connections Teacher
​Munzenmaier, Sharonmunzenmaier@fultonschools.org ​Hearing Impaired Teacher
Nigro, Molly nigro@fultonschools.org 220 6th and 7th Grade Teacher
O'Kelley, Jes okelley@fultonschools.org 262 World Language Teacher
Ogir, Aree ogira@fultonschools.org 243 World Language Teacher
Portmann, Ron portmann@fultonschools.org 249 8th Grade Teacher
Riley, Cathy rileyc@fultonschools.org 232 IRR Teacher
Ritchie, Gail ritchieg@fultonschools.org 254 8th Grade Teacher
​Robinson, Diandrarobinsondl@fultonschools.org​242​IRR Teacher
Robinson, Josh robinsonj@fultonschools.org 273 6th Grade Teacher
Roland, Ranyattarolandr@fultonschools.org​6th/7th Grade Teacher
Roth, Vanessa rothv@fultonschools.org 246 7th Grade Teacher
Ruiz, Shelley ruizs@fultonschools.org 239 Connections Teacher
Saef, Keri saefk@fultonschools.org 211 6th Grade Teacher
Saint, Jerre Saint@fultonschools.org 261 Connections Teacher
Schultz, Jeanne SchultzJ@fultonschools.org 265 6th Grade Teacher
Sewell, Tanisha sewellt2@fultonschools.org 253 7th/8th Grade Teacher
Shraga, Tovah shraga@fultonschools.org 237 IRR Teacher
Sickler, Elizabeth Sickler@fultonschools.org North Metro Teacher
Straw, Elizabeth Straw@fultonschools.org 269 6th Grade Teacher
Sudu, Sharon Sudus@fultonschools.org 252 World Language Teacher
Walker, Erryn walkerer@fultonschools.org 140 7th Grade Teacher
Wasinger, William Wasinger@fultonschools.org 278 7th Grade Teacher
Westermann, Nicole


​224​7th Grade Teacher
​Watkins, Ruthwatkinsr@fultonschools.org ​Hearing Impaired Teacher

Support Staff


Name Email Address Voice Mail Box Title
Adcox, Greg Adcox@fultonschools.org 201 School Psychologist
Arnett, Allison arnetta@fultonschools.org North Metro Social Worker
Bernhardt, Cindy BernhardtC@fultonschools.org 209 Teaching Assistant
Brosmer, Jayna brosmer@fultonschools.org Clinic
​Bryan, Ayumibryana@fultonschools.org​IRR
Carballo, Melissa carballo@fultonschools.org 126 Data Clerk
​Carter, Annecarteranne@fultonschools.org​North Metro Assistant
​Caruthers, Aaroncaruthers@fultonschools.org​Teaching Assistant
Center, Barbara centerb@fultonschools.org 279 Teaching Assistant
​Coloma, Nitacoloma@fultonschools.org ​128​Counseling Secretary
Craven, Mary Cravenm@fultonschools.org North Metro Psychologist
Dean, Sabrina Custodial
di Girolamo, Karen digirolamok@fultonschools.org North Metro Assistant
Evitts, Karen evittsk@fultonschools.org 276 Teaching Assistant
Fenelus, Pierre fenelusp@fultonschools.org North Metro Assistant
Ghering, Kathy gheringk@fultonschools.org North Metro Assistant
Harper, Susan harpers2@fultonschools.org Media Para-Pro
Karp, Jessica karp@fultonschools.org 150 Media Specialist
Kyle, Mary Ann Custodial
Law, Darren lawd@fultonschools.org 152 Resource Officer
LeFabre, Amy Cafeteria
Pack, Susan packs1@fultonschools.org North Metro
Pellegrom, Robin pellegromr@fultonschools.org 215 Teaching Assistant
Pullen, Eleanor pullene@fultonschools.org North Metro Assistant
Redd, Lori reddl@fultonschools.org North Metro Assistant
​Rixman, Bridgetterixman@fultonschools.org ​Front Office Secretary
Robinson, Nancy robinsonn@fultonschools.org 125 Bookkeeper
Rowe, Sue Ellen Cafeteria
Shirley, Calvin Head Custodian
Stephenson, Diane StephensonD@fultonschools.org 149 Technology Specialist
​Stuhltrager, Carolstuhltrager@fultonschools.org ​Front Office/Technology
Tate, Jimmie Cafeteria
Tatum, Gena 158 Cafeteria Manager
Usnik, Carol usnikc@fultonschools.org North Metro
Walker, Donna Cafeteria
Ward, Gerald wardg@fultonschools.org 235 ISS Supervisor
Winkles, Abigail winklesa@fultonschools.org Social Worker
Wolkin, Susan Wolkin@fultonschools.org North Metro Coordinator